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Very nice addon! I have a question, what does the "adds an unsupported mode for users who prefer to block all cookies by default" do? I see it in the latest developmental build.
Also any update regarding the feature to automatically delete cookies when changing to a different site?

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That line in the changelog refers to this FAQ Entry:

Q: I have configured Firefox to block all cookies by default. Can I still use SDC?
A: There is an unsupported hidden setting that changes the behaviour of the "yellow" whitelist level from allow-for-session to allow-while-open. To enable it, create a boolean key in your about:config named "extensions.jid0-9XfBwUWnvPx4wWsfBWMCm4Jj69E@jetpack.defaultBlock" (without the quotes), set it to true and restart your browser. You can now use the "yellow" setting for sites whose cookies you would like to accept, but still have them self-destruct. I provide this on a "should work" basis, meaning that I depend on bug reports from you and don't do in-depth testing of this mode myself. Until 0.3.8 is stable, you need to switch to the development channel if you want to use this.

As for recent developments: I have been busy implementing the missing puzzle pieces to beat the dreaded "evercookie", i.e. LocalStorage and the cache. Expect v0.4 to land in the development channel some time in the next few weeks.