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you think you could setup a request ticket to mozilla , since id really like that , i currently even have disabled private browsing and allowed cookies by default unchecked 3rd party cookies and made sure everything clears on restart , not to mention i have my browser sandboxed , but nonetheless im a big fan of the private browsing mode , and hope mozilla will cooperate with you, this is what i was looking for its the closest to one-time use cookies one can possibly get , this feature should be integrated by default into mozilla , so as soon as i leave a tab the cookies selfdestruct , its epic , wonder why this hasnt been thougth of before , btw you think i could use this for tor browser bundle as well , thou atm the latest tor browser bundle version is 17 the alpha build that is, not sure how tbb handles cookies or if at all with the tor button , id like to hear your thoughts on this as well my friend

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There are already two Bugzilla entries that petition Mozilla for an interface to private-browsing cookies. See #831197 and #823941. It is recognized as a legitimate problem, but is not a high priority issue for them. "Patches welcome" I guess :)

I suggest you just try what happens when you install this add-on inside the Tor Browser Bundle. IIRC that's not a vanilla Firefox (they have their own patches), but chances are they haven't changed any of the interfaces that SDC relies on. I suggest you initially watch the error-console for exceptions though.