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This shit propose to install itself whenever you download something from MediaFire (which is used by many although honest developers to distribute their products). And when installed (I've tried in a sandbox session) it tries to change many things in the computer and in the way the internet browser works). This add-on is in fact ITSELF an adware!

Hi BlackWinny,

Thank you for your honest review regarding our add-on. However, we are very open in the changes we make in your browser when installing SearchLock and we do not change anything with your computer, we are only a browser add-on.

Regarding the change in how your browser works, SearchLock only works when you are searching the internet. When SearchLock detects that you are searching in a search engine that tracks their users, we re-direct your searches to our privacy-friendly search engine results.

I hope this cleared up what SearchLock does and the changes it does to your browsing experience. Thank you for trying us out. We hope to give a better service with the help of your feedback.