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In the past, I never used the browser's built-in search bar. For me, it was just as easy to load the page of the search engine I wanted to use and type in my search the "old-fashioned" way.

Enter Searchbastard. This add-on is so feature rich and customizable in how it enhances browser-based searches that I now consider the search bar to be one of my favorite features.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customization. And I mean *endless* -- for the past few years I've practically made a hobby out of building custom multi-searches and fine-tuning my search aliases -- e.g. search terms prefaced with "=" searches Wikipedia and several other major online references all at once; prefacing with "g" searches Google, etc. -- so that manually selecting the search engine each time I search is a thing of the past. This has had a huge positive effect on my productivity in all things web-related. And to top it all off, Searchbastard allows the location bar to double as the search bar which means I didn't even have to add the search bar back to my browser's layout after having removed it for all these years.

In short, this is a really awesome and underrated add-on. To be fair, the configuration interface is a bit disorganized and particularly clunky when it comes to search engine and multisearch management, but it's easily forgivable considering how incredibly useful the add-on is in the long run.