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Warum wurde "Searchbastard" geschaffen?

The Searchbastard add-on was created while I had a work as a translator. I constantly needed to look up words in various dictionaries/encyclopedias. Often the same word in multiple lexicons. I didn't like the work, but I liked the add-on, so I quit the former and got more time for the latter... A while ago, I took up learning german. I found some online texts, and started reading. Here, the add-on comes in handy. With the searchbar open, I can simply doubleclick on the words I don't understand, to look them up. My own using of the add-on, is really the driving force of my development. I want to be able to look stuff up fast.

Was kommt als nächstes für Searchbastard

If this addon ever gets real popular, I have plenty of great ideas. For example sharing groups. This would allow you to quickly share a group (ie your group of engines for finding books, or images) - and of course to easily find and install groups shared by others.

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Name tordenalf
Homepage http://www.rosell.dk
Benutzer seit May 8, 2008
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