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  • Hope, the plugin will be updated for FF 57+
  • Long-time user here; the basic functionality is always breaking (as if it were completely disabled). I go through the steps of… disabling > enabling …after every launch of Firefox in order to make any/all abilities work again.

    Would you consider eventually making this work with Beyond Australis? …which incorporates the search engines into the Awesome Bar.  It would be neat if scrolling on the Awesome Bar would switch through the search engines.
    Sorry, Scroll Search Engines is a 9 year old extension that I haven't used myself in about 7 years. I try to make it work with newer Firefox versions because people ask me to, but there will not be any new features added to this extension.
  • The shortcuts of this extension saved me a lot of time in the days of old firefox. Now I can just use TAB to search with the next engine, which makes the extension superfluous for me :(. It was great!
  • This is a must have I have been using 20 times a day for years. Dev, please fix new bug: mouse wheel not working in context menu with new FF update.
    Will try to update it soon. EDIT: Version 1.2 fixes this.
  • Hi,

    Any luck with upgrading this add-on?

    Haven't had time yet, will try to update it soon. EDIT: Version 1.2 fixes this.
  • Have been enjoying this add-on for a long time. A recently update to FF48 seems to break the scrolling in context menu.
    Will try to look into it next week. EDIT: Version 1.2 fixes this.
  • I've been using this one for ages but does not function in Private Window of Firefox.
  • It is a great add-on, but not working in 45.01, please fix
  • The change to Firefox's default search with version 35, that became mandatory with version 43, can still be reversed with the installation of Classic Theme Restorer extension ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/classicthemerestorer/ ) and the selection of the option "Old Search" on the fifth page of options labeled "General UI (1)". Scroll Search Engines is then fully compatible and back to working as expected.

    Kudos to the developer for letting us (me) know he is no longer working on updates to this extension. Guess that opens things up for someone new... hopefully for someone to release an extension that just has the "Old Seach" option of CTR or, better yet, maintains the new search paradigm of Firefox 43 but restores the search engine icon and name to the search bar. One can hope!

    Blue skies!
    It's fixed now in version 1.1, and you should not need any extra extensions or obscure options to make it work. It restores the icons back to to search bar by itself.
  • And I guess, it will work many years too :-)
    But now, I deinstall it, because I barely never ever used it, because my high-speed-mouse-wheel scrolled the icons so fast, I almost never hit the correct one :-)

    But such small/neat/useful Addons make FF a great tool!

    Thanks the Developer!
  • I once wanted to report feature request to mozilla, until I found this great lovely addon! Like +99
  • Elegant and useful, thanks a lot.
  • Great addon by itself, but even more powerful in combination with the "Search on Engine Change" addon.
  • Great but does not work with Omnibar
    Please fix it if possible.
    Sorry, I am no longer actively working on this addon. There will be no future versions.
  • This is just brilliant :-)

    Simple, useful, and works perfectly.

    Would be nice if it also worked with the Context Search add on, but 5 stars all the same.
  • Nice and easy. Makes search significantly more comfortable.
    I found that this expand on any long menu. Great!
  • Очень, очень удобно. Спасибо разработчику.
  • Small, simple, useful. Thanks Einar.
  • With the most recent update to FF, now whenever I scroll, it pops up a message saying "an unknown change was detected on your browser's search settings...."

    I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden, but it makes it /very/ annoying. I'm blaming FF, not the author of this, and hopefully something will be done about it soon.
    I can't replicate this on my newly installed FF 11. Does it pop up a message box? Can you also check in the JAvascript console to see if there's any extra info there?
  • Please,indeed :),update it!
  • anyway if can update it better!
  • Please make this compatible with firefox 5 PLeaaaaaaaase! :)
  • Also, Ctrl+Shift+K is now used by the Web Console, it would be good to use different keyboard shortcuts as well :)
  • Love this addon! Thanks for the Firefox 4 upgrade!