1.813 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • Very sleek and perfect. hope there will be continuous support and updates. Really good job.
  • easiest to use page/screen shot saver. Works on everything too and it's FREE
  • It is reliable and precise. The captures have a high resolution close to the original. I would pay for this if it wern't free.
    Alan from Ohio USA
  • aveces no escanea bien una pagina web
  • Man!, this thing has been a life saver! When you've got issues capturing parts of a screen, this is the tool to have!
  • This is so fast, so easy. Just the best way to capture browser screenshots ever. This has saved me hours of time! Great add-on.
  • Very cool !!!
  • nice and easy
  • Special to extract parts of images from spherical photos.
    Fabulous plugin useful for those who use the web to work.
  • I found perfect for capturing what I want. Brilliant...
  • Too easy and acceptable ways of converting a webpage (full or part by cropping) for sharing and using for future.
  • AWESOME!!!
  • Excellent and super easy
  • AWESOME working like a charm both on windows and linux, a must have
  • This is one of the best add-ons! Very easy to use. Very responsive and quick! THANK YOU! - ECVIII
  • Super Easy
  • Awesome screen shot!! Loving this!!
  • Una solución rápida y sencilla, con las herramientas necesarias para hacer un buen trabajo
  • Very simple.
    I even use it with local images
  • I use it frequently - very intuitive
  • So easy to use and convenient, as its on your toolbar. Definitely recommend to everyone:)
  • Great Product, Does Great Job with Great Results = GREATEST SCREEN-SHOTTER!
  • This app has been very helpful many times to take images of a long website for viewing, printing, sending, etc.
  • Very useful app
    thanks Dieter