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I've been using Scrapbook/Scrapbook Plus for many years. I am a researcher and decided to use Scrapbook/Plus to store pages for my work.

A few years ago, as the number of saved documents reached the thousands, I realized that Scrapbook was not a wise choice. Finding things I had saved has become very difficult. Organizing your saved pages/snippets is done through folders. If your hierarchical structure is simple, no problem.

But for large archives, with overlapping subject matter, this becomes extremely difficult. In this case, Tags are needed.

Also, the Search function is highly deficient. For example, a search for the term "Persona" will return every page/snippet with the terms "personal', "personality", etc.

This is just one of many limitations of the primitive and ineffective search function.

It also has to completely rebuild the cache whenever you do a search. This may take a long time depending on the size/number of docs (for me it takes a really long time, over a minute.)

Naturally, this makes one dread having to do a search, and deters me from accessing my own files when I'm busy or in a hurry.

The cache should be updated on Save. Not when you start a new search.

So for small archives, with a few folders of stuff, current Scrapbook is great. But for very large archives, with GBs of searchable data, I recommend something with Tags and better search capability. And obviously, I strongly encourage the developers to implement Tags.

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