The best way of storing web pages offline, of any browser or extension Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is the extension that, after years of lazily not bothering, has inspired me to write a review. I have tried every single extension for every single browser I can find, from MHT to MAFF to saving pages in ebooks (and Firefox functionality). I have also tried a number of tools in WIndows and Linux. wget is a distant second, but nothing compares with Scrapbook. I'm in a country where water supply, let alone internet connection, is unreliable, so I depend on offline resources.

With every other method I've had problems, errors, difficulties and all manner of configuration complexities - the processing to save web content offline is very complex and getting more so. So when I installed Scrapbook I was expecting another learning curve, another period of trying different settings to get the most reliability I could, etc. Until Scrapbook I'd resigned myself to saving every page in two MHT formats, native and an ebook, as usually one of the four would turn out to have worked. Scrapbook, so far (a few weeks of use), has been 100% reliable. It is also fast to save, offers search, embeds into Firefox, categorizes, you can archive the files it stores, etc.

But the reason I'm typing this is because it just works, every time.

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