WOW...This extension rocks! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

For those Firefox users who are not familiar with Scrapbook you are in for a real treat! Simply put, Scrapbook is one of best extensions ever developed...period. ( by Murota Labs in Japan) If you enjoy saving stuff off the internet then this add-on is an absolute must have. This feature packed extension is one of my favorites, and definitely in my top six. With Scrapbook you can capture and save web pages, parts of web pages, linked web pages, frames, files (PDF, Flash, Or XML.), all tabs in a window, and images. It has a recapture feature. You can bookmark with Scrapbook, and you can download linked files. The list of features goes on and on. You can organize things in Scrapbook in a sidebar set up like a bookmark tree. You can edit material (before and after capture), use a customizable highlighter, and even erase unwanted HTML elements with the DOM eraser. This extension even has three different types of sticky annotation that allow you to write text to a saved page. Lets not forget the two different types of searches it can do, filtering and full text search. And if that's not enough there are tools that allow you to manage, combine, import/export, capture multiple URLs, sort, calculate size, and output tree as HTML. (so things can be viewed in other browsers). Lastly this extraordinary extension also has an option to set up multi Scrapbooks with multiple destination directories. Even with all the things I mentioned I didn't cover anywhere near all of Scrapbook's feature set. You would think that with all that this extension has to offer that there would be a steeper than average learning curve. That is true, but to aid the user you can download a well written 50 page PDF tutorial that takes you through everything. Scrapbook really is one exceptional add-on and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

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