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  • Scrapbook needs to work for Firefox Quantum !!
  • my gosh ... it doesn't work in Quantum.
  • 为什么的我的Firefox版本不被支持,用不了这个插件,谁能告诉我用哪个版本的Firefox。
  • Thank you for all that you've done.
    Nothing is more wonderful than this addon.
  • Не обновляю FireFox 56.02 выше потому как они не поддерживают ScrapBook
  • good
  • One of the best add on ever in firefox.. but unfortunately not updated ... not using Firefox now a days because of not having this add on
  • Quantum対応なし、が開発者ブログで発表され悲しんでおります。同等のアドオンをずいぶん探しましたし、試しに入れてみたのですが、必要ない機能があって必要な機能がないという状態で使い物にならない…。オフラインでいつでも見られるようにしておきたいという用途なので、(1)ブラウザからそのまま見ることができる(2)どの階層までたどる・たどらないを指定できる(3)取っておくファイル形式を指定できるというのが絶対必要なんですが、全部存在しないんで・・・(ZIPで保存するだけならアドオン無くてもできますし)。代替として挙げられたものなんて・・・アイコンと名前だけもらいました感がすごいです(ーー;現状の仕様が実現可能なのであれば是非と言いたいです。私はこのアドオンのためだけに56で止めてます…。
  • Very useful, been using it for years now. It's unfortunate it stops working with the new Quantum version. I would love to see it ported!
  • Is the developer willing to write the new firefox upgrade, please just clarify if this is going to happen, If the answer is yes, can you please create a crowdfunding on kickstarter or similar platform with a money goal. tx
  • I'm so disapointed that Scrapbook can't be used with the new politics of Firefox addons, it was so handy to use, it's not at all the case of One Note extension that is proposed in replacement.
  • ggdffdsd
  • This was the most useful add-on for firefox and one of the reasons I prefer firefox over other browsers. Please update to be compatible with Firefox Quantum. A few developers are trying to develop a similar extension, but none have perfected it as you have done with Scrapbook. I even tried to donate but the link is dead. I see that you are still active with your other extensions (Flat bookmarks), so please consider updating Scrapbook.
  • I love your scrapbook. really i do. but sadly is not compatible in Quantum. NOOOOOOOOO.....

    But still rated full. as a thanks, and goodbye :,(
  • I downgraded my Firefox to version 56 for this add-on.

    (Here: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/56.0/win64/en-US/)

    For ripping pages far too simple to bust out Httrack, scrapbook is the tool for the job.

    Ride or die Scrapbook fan for life!!!

    I know the developer stopped updating this in 2016 but I'm going to ride until the wheels fall off.
  • RIP! ((((
  • Here's a small tool helps you guys read your scrapbook contents, https://github.com/victorfence/scrapbook-easy-viewer.
  • одно из самых полезных расширений за всю историю расширений для браузеров
  • Ich habe Tausende Seiten mit Scrapbook gespeichert,auf die ich jetzt nicht mehr über Firefox zugreifen kann.Bitte aktualisiert dieses Addon,es ist für Tausend andere Nutzer genauso wichtig!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A simple solution to get ScrapBook back to work is to downgrade Firefox Quantum. Just googling "how to downgrade Firefox", then you will find the following instruction about "how to remove Firefox Quantum but keep Firefox" :


    After an old Firefox is installed, e.g., 56.02 (32-bit), my add-on ScrapBook is back to normal.

    An alternative, under Firefox Quantum, is to install the add-on ScrapBookQ, but, unfortunately, it lacks of the original rich features of ScrapBook by Gomita.
  • Please update this plugin to work with Firefox. It was the primary reason that I used Firefox.
  • Please update to Quantum!

    It was the primary reason that I used Firefox.
  • Please update to Quantum! i miss this fine tool!
  • Очень полезное для меня дополнение, жаль что не поддерживается последними версиями FireFox, приходится откатываться на предыдущую.
  • It's very hard to go on witout it ! Please update it to work with FF Quantum, thank you.
    Dear developers, if you need to get your job paid, try to ask the scrapbook users community, I'm convinced you'll find some money!