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I long looked for ways to store pages for viewing later since I had limited Internet time. I also liked to store up large archives of certain topics (recipes, programming examples, etc). ScrapBook Plus worked ok, better than many I found from many long searches, but all had limitations. I couldn't find any that could store some of the javascript pages I used (Sporcle) well, and downloading pages was usually a slow, methodical process. But think I finally came to the best solution inadvertantly and wanted to offer it up...


It stores the entirety of the page in a single file format, allows you to save multiple\all tabs in one command, and has some fairly useful settings (like user-defined keyboard shortcuts). It answered my needs.

It might not be useful if you wanted to scrape download links from a webpage and download them, and it also doesn't store files separately which might be more use to webdesigners.
But for pulling the page back up cleanly and easily, and for quick downloads of lots of pages I'm looking through, I've found that is a great option.

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