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Warum wurde "Schillr Stereoscopic 3D Viewer" geschaffen?

I always had the problem that I only could view anaglyph 3D photos with my red/cyan 3-D glasses or free view 3D images in parallel mode. But on the web there are many 3D photos posted in cross-eye mode. So I decided to program an add-on that makes converting all these different formats to my preferred viewing format easy: the schillr.com Website and the schillr firefox add-on were born.

Was kommt als nächstes für Schillr Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

I am planning to make it possible to convert more 3-D formates, such as Over/Under, interlaced and for shutter glasses in full screen mode.

Über den Entwickler

Name Schillr
Ort Essen, Germany
Beruf Unternehmer
Homepage http://www.schillr.com/
Benutzer seit December 2, 2008
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