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I can't figure out how to work this. I use for texting and I want to save the page so all my chat history is there. I can't figure out how to save. This add-on does do that right? save the page with all the javascript changes (which is my chatting)?

edit: in reply to devs reply:
Thanks man for the reply. Oh dang ok I'll bump to 5 stars then, can you please explain how an every day guy like me can use it? I might find use for it.

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description says "save back a file URI scheme document"

That description means e.g. file:///C:/mydirectory/myproject/docs/index.html and if you look at where you can set its options you'll read "It cannot get around hard file URI scheme limitation. Also it's name is "Save Back to File from DOM", which implies it must be from a file to begin with.

This is a specialized Add-on that does something quite useful. Sorry it doesn't do what you apparently trying to do, outside its intended scope.