Incredibly Effective Tool to Take Back Full Control of Your Computer Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thank you very much for providing the incredibly useful, effective tool that ‘Right to Click’ is in resolving the vexing annoyance of sites that take control of YOUR computer away from you, to their benefit, to your detriment.

The issue of web sites disabling the right click menu, functionality of specific right click menu items is one that does not get much attention, information thereof far and few between. I suppose most users just don’t bother to resolve this most vexing annoyance of sites that hijack your browser to take control of what you can or can not do with YOUR computer to their benefit, to your disadvantage.

For example, sites like Flickr disable the right menu to prevent you from saving images to your desktop, the option to “save image” prevented by Flickr from appearing in the menu. It’s not that I can’t save the image by other means. I could save any Flickr image by extracting it from a copy of a screen page.

But it’s not about utilizing alternative methods to achieve your objectives as much wresting, regaining full control of MY computer away from the very arrogance, audacity of sites like Flickr to deny ME what is MINE.

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