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1. First of all, it isn't a bug, that it doesn't hide the old menuitem.
Using Menu Editor I can move the old menuitem (or new) to the Main Context menu having luxury to restore the closed tab from any place - in the tab menu or main menu.
2. On other hand I see that this addon by some way can replace Menu Editor, that is currently ownerless. All, that is needed for "right context" addon is to add "Up" and "Down" buttons to options to allow moving the the menuitems and to have two panes - for main context menu and tab context menu and allow to move some of menuitems from one pane to another - and this addon will fully replace the MenuEditor.
3. Regarding Search option - it fully replaces several addons that bigger then this one and do the same. Only two things that I would ask to add here are:
3.1 Currently the menuitem "Search in..." appears only if some text is selected. It would be great, if this menuitem will appear when some word is clicked. Is it possible to detect the right clicked word?
3.2 Currently the "right context" addon represents the search engines as a list with icons and their names. It would be great if it would allow (as an option) representing them without names (icons only) with customisable number of icons in the row - in case of dozens of engines it might be more comfortable then to scroll them.
This honey tiny addon just currently replaces several big, and with my requests implementation, it will replace as minimum 5-6 big addons (more then 10 times bigger then this "baby")
Thank you!

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Would be perfect if it hides the old "undo close tab".

Nice addon though.

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can't believe i used this for three months and hadn't noticed the bug!

please try version 0.03 from more versions section