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I allways found a full line address bar a bit of a waste of screen estate. I searched for solutions to not have a full time bookmarks bar, but still having the bookmarks within fast reach. I now have my address bar and bookmarks bar sharing the same line. Perfect!

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Works nicely. I have a Bookmarks Toolbar filled to the last pixel and when closing Firefox's (new) Customization window that toolbar would have its layout broken. No longer with 'Right-Aligned Bookmarks Bar' : like sugar for coffee!

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Works as explained and very simple. I've been looking for an extension that makes the bookmarks toolbar work well with the tab bar when next it is next to it. This extension simply does the trick. I only wish I had found this extension earlier.

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[Edited] Using FF9, with Debian Squeeze. I was trying to move the bar, but I should move the toolbar items placeholder.... Now it's working ok. Thank you Leo!

You don't move the bar itself, you move the "Bookmark Toolbar Items" placeholder that is on the bar, then turn the bar itself off. (That's what I do, anyway.)

As for right-click Customize, the add-on should not affect that at all. You've never been able to right-click Customize certain parts of the Firefox toolbars, with or without this simple add-on. That's just how they work; some things override the menus.

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Please mark compatible with Firefox 7/8

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First off, I can't figure out how to disable ANY add-on. Also, I now can't see the rest of the book marks that I have.
I have been using Firefox for years and I know my way around a computer somewhat and I can't figure the new version out whatsoever. Please tell me how to fix this!

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In the list of extensions, each extension has a disable button on the right.

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has anyone found a similar download for chrome?
sorry, know that it isn't really a firefox request, but with ff hanging up on me one reason or another, and google returning nothing, can only ask here. sorry for the spam =)
for that, even though i haven't yet tried this out, 5 stars for the added feature =DD

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(From Brazil)
Love it! Thanks a lot"

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But the following CSS-Code does roughly the same:
#personal-bookmarks {margin-right:-60px !important;}

Wouldn't that just remove a fixed amount of space from it? No good if you don't have your browser window the same size all the time.

Part of the problem is the bookmarks bar/items are set to span the full width, so if they're on the same row as something else that does the same (like the tab strip or the address field), they each get 50% of the width, with the bookmarks' 50% being mostly wasted space if you only had a few icons in it.

Changing the flex attribute via XUL stops that from happening. I could not find a way to do that using just CSS which is why I wrote the extension.

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Thanks a lot for this add-on.
Fixed "bug447571" for Firefox 4