53 Bewertungen
  • Absolutely delightful little add-on. Used it to test carbon-api.tk rather that constantly writing curl calls. Love this thing!
  • Good
  • Very useful.
    I'm just puzzled by how the edit functionality was implemented.
  • 有跨域问题,能解决一下吗?
  • A very good REST client. Clean interface, fast, and easy to use.
  • Bestes und sehr intuitives Interface. Leider Buggy bezüglich des Speicherns der zusammengestellten Requests. Wenn man einen jsonBody mit Customized verschickt, dann geht dieser Body beim Speichern leider verloren....
  • at version 57.02(64) There is no response visible
  • I like addons which do what they set out to do, and little more. This is exactly like that. Damn nice. I think at this point the only thing I'm missing is configurable environments for the variables, ala Insomnia.
  • In Firefox v.57.0(64bit) - response is not visible. Request is sent successfully, when response arrives - the block under request headers is just blinking with "loader image" visible for a sec and disappears leaving the block empty
  • no response at all