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  • 终于找到一个像HttpRequester 替代品了,现在就差:Frirbug 的替代品了
  • Awesome
  • Nice Addon but some issues need addressing, history only shows the last response for all the previous requests, previous responses should be saved.
    XML repsonse seems to remove fields, there needs to be a raw option for the response.
    Also there needs to be better management for collections
  • Très pratique et complet, la gestion des favoris est un plus appréciable (et apprécié). Je m'en sers en ce moment pour tester l'API http de Discord avant d'intégrer ça dans mon projet.
  • Absolutely delightful little add-on. Used it to test carbon-api.tk rather that constantly writing curl calls. Love this thing!
  • Good