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  • Awesome
  • Nice Addon but some issues need addressing, history only shows the last response for all the previous requests, previous responses should be saved.
    XML repsonse seems to remove fields, there needs to be a raw option for the response.
    Also there needs to be better management for collections
  • Très pratique et complet, la gestion des favoris est un plus appréciable (et apprécié). Je m'en sers en ce moment pour tester l'API http de Discord avant d'intégrer ça dans mon projet.
  • Absolutely delightful little add-on. Used it to test carbon-api.tk rather that constantly writing curl calls. Love this thing!
  • Good
  • Very useful.
    I'm just puzzled by how the edit functionality was implemented.
  • 有跨域问题,能解决一下吗?
  • A very good REST client. Clean interface, fast, and easy to use.
  • Bestes und sehr intuitives Interface. Leider Buggy bezüglich des Speicherns der zusammengestellten Requests. Wenn man einen jsonBody mit Customized verschickt, dann geht dieser Body beim Speichern leider verloren....
  • at version 57.02(64) There is no response visible
  • I like addons which do what they set out to do, and little more. This is exactly like that. Damn nice. I think at this point the only thing I'm missing is configurable environments for the variables, ala Insomnia.