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  • Has bugs and seems to be an Alpha Test version. Maybe sometime in the future. Deleted.
  • This only resizes the viewport or window WIDTH, which are both equal. What good is that? I need to resize the viewport HEIGHT.
  • This does exactly what it says and does it snappy and well. They execute their promise to perfection, so I give it five stars! I would love to have more width options, or the ability to add more, but those would be great features to add and do not reflect the delivery of what this extension promises. There is room to improve it, but
  • Only adjusts window width - looking to adjust height as well
  • Just not worth the time. It DOES NOT 'STICK'. Sites reloading just push back to the stupid full screen. What about the LENGTH of the window?? Disappointed.
  • Working fine with no problems. The responsive mode (ctrl+shift+m) with draggable screen dimensions is very useful for checking all breakpoints.
  • Excelente
  • Useless, customization unable and small width.
  • not customizeable, ctrl+shift+m is useless for my use case (and if i was going to use built-in features i wouldnt be looking for add-ons)
  • Great add-on, and the Ctrl+Shift+M mode really makes it shine (you should add this mode in the little graphical UI, given the amount of people that miss it)
    Not given 6 stars because for really large sizes, it is a little buggy (selection areas go far right instead of centered above screen)
    Really good job anyway
  • This isn't a viewport resizer. Installed plugin and both "Window Resizer" and "Viewport Resizer" resize only the window.
  • Not usable on Mac OS, the shortcuts CTRL-Shift-M or CMD-Shift-M don't work.

    Feature-Request: analyse CSS media queries in the currently open page and show them as options to select.

  • Very simple, just like how i want it. BUT, you really need more sizes above 1280. And have the option to customize. Has lots of potential though.
    Please try Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Close, but really needs custom sized, screen coordinates, and the ability to save window height as well in order to really be useful.
    Please try Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Yes, very handy little plugin. But! Too few options of screen width...
    Please try Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Cool but not enough !
    Will you add some settings options ?
    4 sizes, It's not much. Thanks for dev
    Please try Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Why can't I add more screen dimensions?
    Please try Ctrl + Shift + M
  • I would like to be able specify any width and height sizes as well as window position!