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  • очень клевое дополнение. пользовался несколько лет пока мозилла не обновилась примерно год назад, может меньше. теперь на крайнюю версию не ставится на 7-64. тут я разочарован. надеюсь совместимость восстановят. про дополнение узнал случайно. снимаю шляпу перед автором программы и идеи, огромное спасибо.
    из изменений не понравилось : что убрали управление в кнопку меню из контекстного меню. стало очень неудобно. хотя может идея была не доделана.
  • RequestPolicy Continued will take care the rest
  • Time to switch to alternatives.
    Thanks for all the fish.

    Firefox 57 compatible add-ons
  • I love this add-on and it has been central to my privacy protection! Arrgh! Please update for Firefox 57!
  • please update it for new firefox!

    much love
  • Without this addon my life will become pathetic and terrible, PLEASE, in the name of all Gods, make a webext version!
  • I like this addon mucho, but there is one feature that I would like to request. When changing permissions for a site, every time you click on a change the page has to refresh which is really annoying if you have to accept 10 or 15 different things. It would be nicer if the page refresh happened after you're finished making all the permission changes. (Similar to how NoScript functions)
  • Замечательное дополнение, выше всяких похвал. Жаль, что о нём не знал раньше. После установки аж вздохнул с облегчением: настолько легче и шустрее стали грузиться страницы. И то верно, ведь ничего лишнего. Разумеется, requestpolicy следует использовать вместе с NoScript.
    Не подойдёт тем пользователям, которые любят на сайтах всякие рюшечки, укаршательства, чтобы всё сверкало-мигало со всех сторон и т.п.
  • RequestPolicy is consuming 4Mb of memory for ... I don't know what.

    If I am using another extension such as uBlock Origin, is RequestPolicy even relevant any more?

    Thank you for any clarification you can provide users
  • uBlock replaces Adblock Plus and has an advanced mode that's essentially a better interface for RequestPolicy.
  • thanks for all the fish
  • This addon provides very fine grained control over which site may or may not interact with another one. It can serve a handful of purposes, including the prevention of tracking.

    The downside is that you have to build your own whitelist, and it requires time, and also a reasonable amount of intuition/knowledge to tell apart legitimate 3rd party domains (CDNs, APIs, etc.) from others. Just like NoScript I would say.

    Fortunately this addon is most welcome because it fills a gap NoScript and adblockers failed to fill. Let me give an example: I sometimes want to permanently disable my adblocker for a given site; doing so allows legitimate ads but also tracking snippets from social networks such as Facebook Like buttons, which Fanboy's List would block otherwise. With RequestPolicy I'm now able to allow ads on that site while still blocking Facebook buttons. NoScript doesn't have this 3rd party aspect.

    Like said in the description, RequestPolicy and NoScript complement each other and allow for a very good privacy and security on the Web.

    Definitely worth 5 stars, even despite some minor flaws. I'm sure they'll get fixed soon :)
  • Avec cette extension et NoScript, on reprend enfin le contrôle de ce qui rentre et sors de notre ordinateur, on découvre aussi où vont nos informations d'indentification... Une excellente découverte pour ma part.
  • that can always lead to unk. consequences, hopefully the project is back on track! After using RP for more than a year, I just got used to blocking all the oddball requests embedded in webpages -- the amount of tracking going on is ridiculous! It's like online-stalking. We need to value privacy very highly. The laconic slide into apathy goes down a very [warning: cliche] slippery slope!

    Thanks for giving the project new life.
  • This advanced user sorely missed the outstanding benefits of RP during the temporary interval when it was unavailable because it was incompatible with FF 38.0. Welcome back RP.
  • I was a RequestPolicy user but recently switched to Policeman.
    * It works better (e.g. it does not collide with newsfox)
    * It has a better UI
    * Their name sucks :(
  • Dear RequestPolicy users! If you want to use RP 0.5.28 with Firefox 38 or later, you can install the fork of this addon, which you can find there:

    It can't be discovered yet through the search, because it's still awaiting review, but you can install it nevertheless.
  • It doesn't work on versions 38.0 and higher. Try to fix that bug.
  • Исправте пожалуйста.
  • Newbies try uBlock
    Advanced users try uMatrix

    Not only are these CRAZY better than RequestPolicyContinued (in UX and back end functionality), but it improves on what the original RequestPolicy offered. Both are also open source - bonus.
  • These days, I ugraded to FF 38 and of course RequestPolicy got blocked.

    So instead of editing the RequestPolicy package (as recommended by some), I just tried RequestPolicyContinued.

    I must say it works well and has some new features. I think this is definitely the way to go. You can either build from the sources (I did that), or download a binary from their site: https://requestpolicycontinued.github.io/.

    It takes a couple of minutes to get accustomed to, because the user interface has been changed, but after 5-10 minutes you're up and running with a version that has more features and is nicer to use!

    Very promising work, I must say!
    Thumbs up!

    :) :) :)
  • I really love this extension.
    Please consider adding an option: "Make page permissions permanent". This would be helpful if you temporarily allow some requests and then want to keep them permanently. Otherwise, you have to go back and forbid them and then allow them again. Note that NoScript has an option like this, and it is very helpful.
  • big smile to you ^_______________________________^
  • Very good for adblocking and privacy.
  • I found it blocking certain images on amazon.com. The images were coming from images-amazon.com. Temporarily allowing all requests resolved the issue. So, RP must be blocking something that would show in the list of "Blocked destinations", right? Wrong.

    Why wouldn't it? Because it's not smart enough. I had to dig to find out what was going on, and create a rule with origin ssl-images-amazon.com and destination images-amazon.com. This was the first and only site I've visited since installing this extension, because apparently privacy and security is supposed to become a full-time hobby.

    I recommend installing it along with NoScript so you can stop wasting time enjoying the internet, and devote 13 hours a day instead to configuring Firefox extensions.