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I take back what I said previously. I started Firefox and everything was fine. Went to lunch, came back (no one touched my computer) and every bit of info I'd put into Reminder Fox mysteriously vanished. A lot of hard work down the drain. So long Reminder Fox... Not worth the hassle or the uncertainty.

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A great add-on. Nicely done! I'd donate for your hard work, but I'll never use Paypal again after they scammed me. Sorry.


- On the Reminder Calendar, do away with the title MON TUE WED (since they don't even fit within the columns or line up) and just use the first letter (S M T W T F S). Or, make the calendar adjustable in size. Also, it would be easier to reference if you had the days displayed above each month, rather than just at the very top.

- A full-view quick calender would be awesome, where you can see an entire month of squares with all the days/dates/items listed.

- Once I HIDE Foxy in the Reminder Calendar, there seems to be no way to bring it back. There is no space left to right-click to bring up the menu to SHOW it again.

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