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argh! Version wrecked my navbar.. again.

I had to remove ReminderFox, then recreate my custom navbar (FF27.0), then install ReminderFox.

At least this update doesn't break the navbar after reinstalling (like 2.1.4 did), but this still needs fixing as it breaks an existing custom navbar until it is removed then reinstalled.

IOW, don't autoupdate it -- remove your then install from scratch.

P. S. oops, sorry devs. I was editing while you replied. What it does is removes icons from other add-ons (Self-Destructing cookies, ResumeLater, etc.) from my custom navbar. Version wouldn't let me put them back -- I had to remove it then put the other add-on icons back, then install

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Thanks for the feedback. In what way did version affect your custom navbar? Just want to make sure I get the right use case so I can fully investigate.