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Warum wurde "Reload Plus" geschaffen?

I'm a power user, but I'm also a minimalist. Reload Plus gives me all the reload-related functionality I had in my previous browser, and it does so without bloating my context menus or adding any other unnecessary UI cruft. Short of a supermodel girlfriend and a million dollars, what more could one ask for?

Was kommt als nächstes für Reload Plus

In the rapid-release era of Firefox, compatibility is an ever-moving target, and I'd love to keep up with it all -- it's just a question of motivation. To that end, it goes without saying that donations (of any size!) are much, much appreciated, but if you can't find it in your wallet/heart to pony up, please do send along, at minimum, a five-star review. One way or the other, it helps to know I'm making a difference, no matter how small.

Regrettably, in recent times, a tiny percentage of users have begun holding this add-on's rating hostage -- that is, rating it less than five stars until I add their desired feature. Be aware that:

  • If you hold our rating hostage, your feature will never, EVER be added, no matter how great an idea it may be.
  • If our rating drops below five stars at any time, no further versions will be released until that changes.
I work on this almost entirely for free (the donations, to say the least, aren't exactly coming in fast and furious), so please have a little understanding and respect when making requests. As for all the good apples out there (which is the vast majority of you), thank you for your continued support!

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