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  • 完璧なテーマ、すごい!
  • Very nice. Neat,clean and simple. Well done!
  • It's perfect! 非常棒的主题!我见过的最完美的!
  • This is classy..........Thanks
  • nice
  • very nice theme! thank you very much!
  • これを超えるテーマがあるとは思えません。



    English(Google Translation in the translation)
    Beyond this there is a theme thing.
    The height of perfection is possible to balance simplicity and beauty is not to say other than amazing.
    While it was simple, Windows looks like a bad Kusa Hana Classic theme,
    Very "Simple is Best" is a theme.

    Here is the first theme of this highly recommended if you ask me anything.

    I have something coming up Persona
    Please work hard like the author!

  • A very simple yet sophisticated theme for those who are fans of minimalist approach to things. Clean and unobtrusive, it blends well with the brushed metal theme of the Mac OS X. One of my favorites!
  • A very simple yet sophisticated theme for those who are fans of minimalist approach to things. Clean and unobtrusive, it blends well with the brushed metal theme of the Mac OS X. One of my favorites!
  • Arturo Toscanini, when he first heard, Samuel Barber's Adagio
    For Strings described it as "Simplice e bella".
    rein is the Adagio For Strings for
    Firefox; just simple and beautiful.
  • Fine
  • Honestly, best skin I've used. I started getting into minimalism about two years ago, but was never able to find the perfect balance between minimalism and ohgodwhatisallthiscrap. Unlike some minimalist skins that just come off as unfinished, this one presents a full and easy to use GUI. I think rein was a good name for it. The stripes near the address bar felt weird at first but mostly because they were just something different. Once you get used to them, they're actually pretty nice. Does a great job of highlighting the most used features.

    The tab bar is a little dark, especially with my gtk theme, however TabMixPlus seems to combat that so I have no problems. Stops me mixing up similar tabs etc.

    I'd say that any designer who wants to make a minimalist skin for firefox should take a few tips from this.
  • I really really love your theme, i mean it...but there's a thing that i don't quiet like...the tab bar. I use laptops all the time and when i'm running on battery i dim the backlight of the screen and it makes the tab bar very difficult to read, that's my only problem. I like your theme 99% just because of that. I wish you could make some arrangement to solve that. Well, thank you very much for your effort, it's appreciated.

  • great ! thanks you very much !
  • This theme is truly EXCELLENT! minimalistic yet chique; it is clear, styleful, uncluttered and each new version gets better.
    I commend you on your good work and slick design.

    (No, I'm NOT getting paid for these comments!)
  • nice
  • I registered so that I could give this five stars. This is by far the best looking theme. Thank you!
  • Wonderful ! I just registered to firefox to say Thank you for this theme.
  • Really beautiful Theme and as mentioned from J H much more stylish than all those Personas.
    Your one replaced Chromifox Basic as my favourite Theme.
  • The best theme for Firefox 3.6! I was getting about sick of the personas crap flooding the scene and tired of all the mediocre regular themes that are getting churned out by what seems like people who don't know what they're doing. Thanks for this awesome looking theme.
  • The best theme for firefox 3.6! I was getting sick of the personas crap and tired of the weak or flawed regular theme choices available for the latest FF. Thanks for a super theme!
  • Naoto,

    Thank you for this fantastic theme. It looks beautiful with my black-gold themes. Thank you also for keeping it up to date. Many other theme developers seem to have just given up. This theme is a bright spot on the firefox themes page.
  • I don't know why the developers didn't renew the ancient ugly default skin, yet. Anyway. This skin extends my patience. I was ready to go with Chrome. Now I've 2 reasons to stay. This and "No Script".

    Your skin is the clearest, squared, I've ever seen. Just as I like it. To be honest, I wasn't expecting the "colorful tab" to fit well! Congrats! Also... I love that you have uniform icons for popular addons!
  • This skin is simple and suits my taste well. Nice work!
  • works very good with Firefox 3.6 on Windows 7. Beautiful! I would love to use the same theme on my Thunderbird