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  • This is a really great theme. Would be 5* if there was a status bar icon for HHTPS everywhere, xmarks and lastpass.
  • Spitze! Gut gemacht!
  • I love it but theres only one problem. When i want to change tabs or close the window, i automaticaly go with the mouse pointer to the edges of the screen and the buttons (close window, tabs, etc) are avaiable. With this theme you have to hit the edge and then return a little to where the button is actually avaiable. Or just don't hit the edge but is so much more easy to do so...
  • This theme looks absolutely incredible on my Linux computer. It's hard to find a great Firefox theme that looks great on Linux. This theme is perfect. Thank you for a great theme.
  • Since the update to Firefox 13 it is not possible any more to edit Stylish styles with your theme enabled.
    When you click edit it will only show an empty window.
    Can you please fix this?

    Also it would be very nice if you could make the new about:newtab fit better to the theme.
  • best. theme. ever. thanks so much =)
  • My downloads button will not work properly with this theme. Where the button usually comes up and lets me know the status of what I am downloading, now no button shows and the whole toolbar expands to about 2x height. I can still click the empty area where the button should be and access my recent downloads, but it certainly makes my Firefox look ugly. The only way to fix this is to restart FF, and it will only stay fixed until I start another download.

    If someone can tell me how to go about fixing this, this is an easy 5 star theme.

    I'm on Debian Stable running Nightly 15.0a1.
  • 5 starts for sure!
    But it would be better if the Firefox button could change to grey in Private Browsing mode! :)
  • Clean and beautiful, this theme helps maximize my productivity. Works nicely with the coloring from FabTabs and provides a good set of icons for some extensions.
  • I like the minimalist look and find the high contrast in the menus helpful for my poor vision. Thanks!
  • I change skins and themes like crazy and in Firefox I have to go back to this. Simply the coolest! Anybody knows one like that? I would like a flat sleeky one? The old green miint was intersting but abandoned years ago. Reins is now supreme for the good taste users. Does anybody has another favorite from this kind?
    On the rein's site I noticed something about a 'iP! 2.150 Firefox Theme". It seems cool dark i would like to try it. Does anybody knows anything about that one?? (just look: http://notiz.jp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/ip20.png)
  • Very good and useful . Thank you very much.
  • Great, but it affects HTML Rendering engine. After installing rein theme, "position: fixed" works strange when FF window resized. I had to remove ren theme.
  • Its nice and clean, please include some more icons (or make an extra plugin with more icons) for more plugins (like Firebug).
  • I've used this theme for a long time and loving it, simple & clean, but now, probably after being updated, the tabs are very dark, and I can barely tell one from the other. Please fix this in the next update.
  • Awesome theme! :D

    BTW, Flashblock (http://j.mp/yHelJD) addon's icon is missing, Can you please add that too!
  • Seriously, this skin is so awesome with all the custom icons for different add-ons and the general ultimately useful minimalist feel!
  • This is the the theme I always dreamed of! 楠見さんありがとう!
  • 使用小图标,但是导航工具栏不会变窄
  • Just change the css! Details:
    open %YOUR-PROFILE-FOLDER%\extensions\rein@notiz.jp\chrome\rein.jar with WinRAR or other app.
    open global\tabbox.css inside, locate to Line 80
    margin: 1px 0px;
    margin: 0px;
    save and close, click Yes when winrar prompt.
  • very beautiful,but restoration close tab button icon not the same as with the other style icons?????????
  • I used to love this theme, but now it's really claustrophobic.
  • This is just the most stylish and elegant FF theme I've ever used. Just wanted to comment on how unobtrusive and clean this theme is. The person that designed this has real talent and an eye for what looks cool.
  • This has always been one of my favorites. Thank for keeping this theme current.
  • Great theme, very easy and clear to read. One problem I have is I use the vertical toolbar (it's an add-on) and when I use this theme the toolbar disappears. With windows 7 64bit and FF4.2

    It's OK now. Not sure what the problem was!