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  • I am very interested to use this theme, used to be my favorite when it came out long back originally. pls update it to work with the latest FF.
  • Pls solve constant incompatibility problem.
  • it's not updated to work with the latest firefox :'(
  • For the fans of this theme, which was not updated so as to include the new changes in design, there are not too many options. First, download the theme by right-clicking 'Save link as', then modify extension to zip, unzip and edit install.rdf file so that the line on the max version says something like 1000... as stated in previous comment.

    Then zip all the contents of the theme and change the zip extension to xpi. Now, when installing from file, the toolbar will still not look good. A solution would be to install the Classic Theme Restorer addon and then remove all the toolbar items that look wrong (that have not been updated). Luckily, some buttons still look fine, like the downloads button or the fullscreen button.

    Another solution for the captive fans of this theme to have it on an up-to-date browser is to install it (after the aforementioned change) in Pale Moon, a browser based on Firefox (but that didn't follow the latest design changes).

    Keep the modified xpi file at hand in order to use it after updates, as specified in previous comments.
  • great design!
  • This is still the best theme out there. It does still work in Firefox 29 despite being incompatible. As a previous poster mentioned, if you change the version compatibility number in install.rdf to a high number, like 1000, it can still be installed. After a Firefox version update, the theme will be changed to disabled. Just drag the rein-5.4-fx.xpi file back onto any Firefox window and it will be installed again.
  • sadly, this is yet another addition to the broken add-on graveyard that fell due to mozilla's rapid update schedule.

  • I have been using this theme since I got my computer a year ago and is awesome. The simplicity is what makes it so usefull while still making firefox look customized and separating it from the other minimalistic themes. Please update so it is compatible with the new firefox updates!
  • i highly advice everyone using the workaround, not to put any higher value than 24.* for MaxVersion. The Theme is not compatible with the changes introduced with 25+
  • I didn't upgrate mozilla for such a long time but now I had to.. please make a new version...
  • Great theme. ChDante's hack does indeed work. However, you might as well change the max version to 1000.* as we're already at 25.
  • I tried ChDante's suggestion and it works. The theme installs perfectly and I'm running it on Pale Moon 24.0.2
  • I absolutely love this theme. I ,somehow found his twitter page on his site, and last time I get the update right after I left him a messege. anyway, here it is, you guys may as well show your support on twitter. http://twitter.com/naoto_kusumi
  • Here is a quick way to patch. I tested and did not find any errors.
    - Go to Add-ons and disable automatic updates for rein. (You might have to use the "More" link in the description)
    - download xpi (right-click and save) and rename to zip
    - look for install.rdf inside and update the line to 24.*
    - rename back to xpi and install addon via Ctrl-O in FF or just drag into an open FF window.
  • I can't liiiiive if living is without you
    I can't liiiiiive, I can't live anymore
  • I'll wait patiently for a new version of 'rein'.
  • wonderful theme!!
    Please update it to firefox 24!
  • Life is boring without a compatible version of Rein.
  • Brilliant clear-look theme with OS integration!! Please UPDATE it for FF23 and next versions...
  • Please update // 更新してください

  • Очень красивая тема.
  • Very nice theme! Please update to 24.0
  • Спасибо!
  • 'Flawless' It has the visual feeling of an old OS. It blends fantastically with some add-ons like all-in-one sidebar, evernote, etc.
  • Compact and clear, adapts to OS theme, I like it. Needs icons in the right-click menu and the Alt-menus to be more functional though.