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Win7 x86 / Firefox V 3.6.10
Flash Switcher Win 1.0.2
DownThemAll! 1.1.10
Personal Menu 4.3.2
Tab Mix Plus
Theme Font Size Changer 0.2
Menu Editor 1.2.6
MR Tech Toolkit 6.0.4
Embedded Objects 2.7
UnPlug 2.033b
RefreshBlocker 0.7

Open mouth insert foot…?

Yes… Firefox has a function to block refresh load [Options>Advance>General Tab] = Warn me when ect..ect.. checked.. However, this Firefox preference is very limited and has absolutely No-User Control incorporated and /or capabilities to modify actual web page behaviors… Many impious Web sites such as News organizations are notorious for refreshing (Tab) excessively to a point were surfing with such a site open (tab) makes it very difficult and slow to surf the internet. Excessive behaviors (Tab) that have the capability to by-pass or plainly ignore this basic (Firefox) block function.

For those who have critique about this add-on are so wrong for so many reasons. There are despicable web site developers who provide many Major web sites (For A Fee $$). The ability to over ride and or overwrite user’s Web Browser preferences…Such as MSN, New York Times, Reuters and Washington Post to name but a few. Web sites who Pay$$ immoral web developers big money $$$$. To high jack your web browser’s preference to accommodate their agenda and increase their add revenue$$$...

What RefreshBlocker add-on does do?
With a user’s input (Black list) and configuration details combined with page info form in Firefox you are able to identify and block the culprit site addresses causing the excessive refreshing of open web site (tab). It also, has diminished the capacity of these morally wrong and malicious web sites from excessively refreshing an open web page (Tab). This add-on’s fully functional control mechanism is sorely needed in standard Firefox 3.6.10 !!!


Wish list for lazy me would be? For developer to incorporate a black list option to encompass the whole web page (refresh) and all links (refresh) associated within the same web page..?

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