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  • I'm a SeaMonkey user and would very much like a version of RefControl for my browser.

  • PLEASE, do it for FF-v3.5

    We are very anxious for this new version...

  • Perfect! Does just what I want as the default, but allowing for easy customization after clicking that unobtrusive little icon. Thanks so much.

  • I noticed this has a performance impact (according to the "this script is slow" firefox alerts).

  • James you are a genius. I love RefControl. It operates perfectly in the background and is just fantastic.

    Thank you very much!

  • Very useful, because it prevents sites from behaving differently based on where I'm coming from. Works perfectly.

  • It serves its purpose.

  • Be careful with this. It caused me to not be able to login to my bank's online account access system.

  • Please add support for Firefox3.1

  • It's a great one, can you add an option "Picture only"?

  • Great! And I don't have the problems mentioned by Joerg. (Tested with package monitoring software 'wireshark')

  • nice addon, looks as if it would do exactly what I need. But if you open a link where you have blocked sending the referrer with the midlle mouse button in a new tab, RefControl does not work, the referrer will be transmitted.

  • works as indicated!!! 5 stars

  • I recently started using this addon, really liked it. I set default as 'No Referer' and make the exclusions for the sites that I want to send referal and it is working like a charm. The only missing options is the jokers (* ?) or regular expression type of rules. Why? Because one website that I visit a lot, I want to send them a custom referer header but they allow images only to be loaded from their site so I should be sending referer 'Normal' for any url ending with *.jpg and rest of the site, use my custom referer. It might be too much to ask but that would make this little addon charming. :)

  • been using RefControl a long time and really like it, but it would be nice to easily enable/disable via left click on the status bar button rather than having to r-click and choose from menu.

  • Now some sites will working


  • Very nice.
    I would like to see it handling User-Agent: in the same way.

  • This tool is not only GREAT for your privacy (after all, why should I want anyone to know where I came from), but it's also a nice "feature" to promote your own site. Since many nosy webmasters keep a record of their referrers and sometimes even display them somewhere on the site, you can draw people to your own site just by making your own URL the default referrer. :-D

  • Great Addon! Referrers can say a lot about your browsing habits. The way this was written just compliments other Addons, e.g. CS Lite, NoScript. :D

  • The extension is great, really useful, but it doesnt work with some sites, even when i set it to Normal (clicking on image thumbnail, no pic is showing, just the little "cracked" image icon).

    If i turn it off, refresh the page, click thumbnail again, voilá, image is there.

    IMHO it would be useful to add a per-site enable/disable option, or if this problem is solvable in some other way, it would be great.

    Anyway, five stars it deserves :)

  • Great for the paranoids out there. Just block all 3rd party sites and relax, or block everything and whitelist sites you have to. Either way, brilliant.

  • On the contrary, this extension is great for anyone who browses forums and gets sick of seeing "lol hotlinking r teh eval" images in peoples' posts. Just forge the referrer and it's no longer a problem. :-)

  • Does what it's supposed to and easy to configure. However, this falls under the category of paranoia extensions. I used to use this, but these days I'm shying away from extensions I don't really need.

  • According to the developer's website, wildcards can be used for instance *.example.com will work for all subdomains of example.com but from my tests it does not appear to work for just * as in all domains.

    I'd prefer the no-script approach. Blacklist by default and whitelist only trusted sites.

  • Simple, and does its work perfectly.