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Am running last update of FF 34.0.5 on a 3core Windows 7 with 4gb RAM.
I run adblock plus.
two days ago I installed Ramback, seeing as FF was crashing 5-6 times a day, while only using 7-15 tabs. Memory usage on 2 startup tabs is 280k and within 6 tabs being opened, mostly Facebook and news and blogs, the memory has climbed to 1.28gb and Firefox crashes, even after I've closed all tabs. The memory is not released. Ramback clears the cache fine, but the cache is not my problem. I can be at zero in cache and still have 1.28gb memory usage. This has gotten worse with each release of FF, it's gotten to the point where I can barely run it anymore. I know about setting up new profiles ect, but I'm only using a couple of add-ons, this is not a geeky laptop. Ramback, if anything, has shortened the time to reach 1.28gb, so FF is crashing even faster. :(
If the only use of Ramback is to clear caches, well I could do that before by going options>advanced>clear cache.

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Would be nice if a threshold could be set and the extension would automatically free up RAM from that point. A notification would be also much appreciated as now I have to keep track manually how much memory has been used.

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rather a good thing. Can decrease Firefox 32.0.3 RAM usage from 500 to 450 Mb, or from 1200 to 450 Mb! But it crashed Firefox once, when I had 2 windows opened with about 6 tabs in each, and I pushed the RAMback button.

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No, you dont have to do anything once downloaded. Read what it says. It works internally and yes, it does work.

It will decrease your page load times, especially if you are working with multiple tabs and large page sizes and script heavy pages. It prevents hanging and crash errors.

It reduces CPU usage by 25 to 50 %. You must look at your CPU usage before downloading. Open task manager and click on processes.

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не работает

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Maybe useful, but HOW does it work?

Does the user need to do anything?
Click a button?
Does the Addon work automaticly w/o the users interaction?

Nobody knows, because the developer didn't tell....

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Does absolute nothing expect of using space...

FF31, Win Vista SP2, T7 2GHz, RAM 2 Go

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Wow. I'm a heavy FF user, having at least four tab groups open at all times, with anywhere between 5 and 30+ tabs open in each. My firefox usually takes up at least 1GB of RAM, up to around 2GB. I have 4GB total so this is a huge problem. This addon instantly automatically dropped RAM usage from 1.2GB to 650MB. That is just amazing.

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Ramback and add-ons like that are great because of the terrible use of the new Firefox 29, 30 of available memory. My pc had a hard time after some hours of Firefox refresh of sites etc. so I added hardware ram plus add-on 'Memory Restart' and then 'Ram Restart'. But I don't feel good about this developement.

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This add-on does actually do a pretty decent job of eliminating about 10-20% memory consumption used by caching. I think some of the problems people are reporting is not being able to use it. You have to manually add the ramback button to one of your toolbars through Options > Toolbar Layout, or access it through Tools > Clear Cache if you have the Menu Toolbar visible.

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Im Menü Extras gibt es einen Button "Clear Caches" leider ohne Wirkung beim FF 24.2.0

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how does it work? Is there a button to press somewhere? Where? Is it automatic? How often?

This is a waste of time.

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This Add-On does absolute NOTHING expect of using space because it is installed!

FF26 @Win7

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I was having problems running Firefox 26 on Ubuntu 13.10 - and this extension worked like magic and created a huge improvement in performance!

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Je m'attendais à plus d'efficacité.

Toujours les mêmes problèmes de RAM....

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Didn't do anything at all to reduce my RAM as it stated it would. I actually got better performance when I disabled it. I suspect it was developed based on a specific system configuration and only works properly when you have a similar configuration.

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Great, reduced RAM usage by about 30%

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Same experience: reduces CPU usage, does not reduce memory footprint.

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This does nothing to free up any resources. I don't get it. What's the point? Am I do something wrong here?

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Does nothing. My 820 Mb FF process with one tab open reduced to 800 Mb after 5 minutes, but then back to 830 after uninstalling this extension. Restarting got me back to 250 Mb.