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This addon lacks an option to only open the menu when NOT dragging (so it doesn't interfere with gestures) and for some reason it decides to use its own menu items for everything instead of using the items from the built-in menu.

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I have updated this module for FF versions greater than 4. You can find it here:

Note: I haven't uploaded it here because I have put it as supporting Firefox versions up to 24 so that I will not need to update it all the time, but won't let me upload an extension with such a high maxVersion.

@mzz No problem, go ahead.

Thanks for that! Do you mind if I fold your changes back into -mz (and add you to install.rdf as a contributor) if I ever find some spare time to work on it?

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I miss this great addon in Firefox 5. Is it possible to to adapt this addon for FF 5 upwards?

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Great plugin. It still works under Firefox 3.5, but you have to use the Nightly Tester Tools ( to get around Firefox's version check. I wish someone would update this (or make yet another fork) to save people the hassle, and let new users use it.

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I friggin' *loved* this when I first downloaded it, then I upgraded to 3.5 about a year later and had my heart broken. This was such a cool addon, I loved how much easier it made navigation.

I'm about to go download - it looks promising.

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Please update it for 3.5.
I need it so much.

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My favorite interface extension of all time! Can't browse without it anymore!

I won't update my Firefox to 3.5 before there is a compatible version of RadialContext available.

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Please port to Firefox 3.5! I've been using RadialContext for half a decade now, and I was very happy when I switched to -mz and found that it rarely (if ever) broke, as compared to the original that broke frequently (didn't play well with other javascript).

Besides all the normal uses, I've also found it works well to determine the borders of a frame. I found this by accident by activating it within a part of the page that was apparently within an iframe.

This is an excellent add-on. I would love to help you with it if you point me in the right direction for where to start & learn about add ons!

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Please update RadialContext-mz for 3.5+, it is my favorite extension.

Thanks for keeping it alive since the original version was abandoned!

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I use and recommend this extension everday and to everybody. PLEASE port it to 3.5, as I was too fast to update my browser at home, not knowing that my #1 addon doesn't work.

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Hi Mzz,

I've been a very happy RadialContext-mz user for a long time. Thanks for stepping up and updating the original one when it no longer worked for us.

Now it's time again to move on, Firefox 3.5 lives among us. I don't want to move on, not without my radial menus. Will you save us again?


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I have tried a lot of ad-ons, and this is one of the best! With the simple and user friendly but still advanced menu it makes browsing much more easy.

I miss a buttom to move the menu (in the middle) when it reaches the edge, and I can't click the buttoms off-screen.
A bookmark menu would also suit it
With these functions added I would give it 6 starts, if I could.

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Takes a few sessions to get used to it, but with a little poking around, the learning curve is pretty flat! Everyone should give this a try, and give it a chance - you can always disable it!

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Nice work, I've waited years for a customizable RadialContext!

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Nice idea. A few things though:
first, there should be a way to go up in the hierarchy.
second, would be nice if you could make the menu rotate using the mouse wheel.
third, better graphics/icons will really help.

fourth, and the MOST IMPORTANT one:
i have a lot of options in the regular context menu (added by the 50 or so addons that I use) and I use all of them. So I've set the radial menu to appear only when dragging. (Great option, btw, thanks for it). But I'd really like to customize after dragging how far the radial menu appears. Currently it seems it appears even if I drag the mouse a single pixel.
It'll be a great addon for me if this fourth thing is fixed. :)

Thanks. :)

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Great addon! Thanks for your work & time!

PS: My first wish would be a different icon set (the white background symbols are irritating) or even better: 3 different sets to choose from..

Second wish would be an (optional) different right click behavior cause it interfers now with All-In-One Gestures.

I would like radialcontext to respond on right-button-up and automatic activation of the menu item on hover. Deactivation with timeout or rightclick again.

This would be useful for tablet use.


Different icons are not going to happen unless someone draws the complete set for me (a few dozen images, see the "skin" directory in the jar file). Adding code to customize the icon set is pretty easy but you do not want me to draw things. Trust me on this. :P

I will require a lot of convincing to add activation-on-timeout (I personally hate features like this where I have to be fast enough to stop the interface from doing things I do not want it to). If I understand correctly your other suggestion is to do nothing on right button down + drag and activate on right button up? That is doable (although I cannot think of a case where it would be useful other than interacting with an addon like all-in-one gestures, so it's really just noise in the customization ui for everyone else...). I will add this if it does not complicate the code too much (notice clicking the menu open and clicking again to activate already works, so this is probably pretty simple to add).

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I really like how you reply to comments! And I like your add-on! Thanks!!

Works fine for me. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Nice add-on. A timesaver:)

Great Addon! customize needs help doc Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

A very useful timesaver. I always install it!
Set to open on drag to get the context menu back.
Works with easygestures addon - for twice the pies!
Use ffchrome addon to hide the context menu items this has.
Customize is unintuitive; try this:
pick menu _window_, pick entry _right_, pick action _blank_, hit add.

To undo, pick the _blank_ in the lower textbox, hit remove.

Please make the icon donut twice as large - If my mouse goes sideways 3 pixels, I get a submenu and have to start over.
Also a drag should be twice what it is now - too sensitive.

Can you mail specifics?

Customize does work here (although there is a small chance I broke it on non-linux platforms and did not notice). However I do think the way that interface works is far from obvious, I just have not been able to think of a better one offering the same features yet.

Can you email me or describe on the mozillazine forums exactly what steps you are taking, what you would expect to happen, and what actually happens? If this is an actual bug I can try to fix it, and if it is the ui being clunky a description of how people actually expect it to work can give me ideas for a redesign.

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tyvm for bringing this add-on back to life. It's my fav and I dont know what to do w/o it.