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do i save bandwidth with this extensions? I mean, when i use my smartphone i dont want to load all images, flash and videos to save bandwidth. Is this possible or are they loaded and only not shown?

Then i would like to disable youtube videos. But they arent flash, but instead html5 or so. A button for this would be nice. At the moment i only can disable js and the video is gone. But disabling js isnt a good solution because js can be used for menus and other things too that are important.

Can it be done that this extension manually reloads single images? I mean that would save more bandwidth when i dont need to enable loading of all images.

And it would be nice to have the option to show images or videos that are in cache anyway. I mean when they wouldnt need to be loaded it doesnt cost bandwidth and they could be shown.

Maybe a namechange for the extension would be good too. Because no one wants to toggle java, but instead this extension is able of doing way more.


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