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  • This is the best link dragging addon I've found. Easy to use and works without issues.
  • This is the only add-on that allows me to highlight text, links, whatever and push it upwards to open in a new tab. If text, my default search engine takes it. If a link, it opens in the background in a new tab.
    Gosh I love this ability and, actually, this add-on is the main reason I stay with Firefox.
  • Very useful plugin, but why new permissions are required for the last updates ?
    Thank you for review.

    This is to support downloading images with no extension in the link.
    Also, due to API reasons, the following cannot be supported.
    ・ Default folder cannot be stored.
    ・ The extension cannot be determined automatically.
  • Very useful add-on, but last versions 4.4 and 4.3 don't remember storage location, so went back to 4.2
    Thank you for review.

    In the previous version, you will need to drag and drop twice. So I updated.
    I also want to keep the default save folder, but unfortunately I couldn't do it because of the API( ;∀;)
    ↓ See the filename section.
  • Hmm, stopped working 2-3 days ago..
    Works'ish after restart. Stay tuned
    Thank you for review.

    If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling it.
  • Ok, but opens unwanted tabs every time you drag&drop emails in outlook.
    Would be great if you could blacklist domains.
    Thank you for review.

    I respect and create original QuickDrag, so we apologize, but we will not respond.
    It may be created as another add-on.
  • Самое простое и самое рабочее!!!
  • Translation variant

    setting_title :"Налаштування QuickDrag"
    engine_title :"Пошукова система "
    is_address_forground :" Відкривати звичайне або текстове посилання у активній новій вкладці"
    is_search_forground :" Відкривати пошуковий запит у активній новій вкладці"
    is_save_image :" Використовувати drag-and-drop зображення для завантаження"
    is_prefer_save_image :" У випадку з зображенням із посиланням пріоритет надавати зберіганню зображення"
    tab_title :"Відкривати нову вкладку "
    tab_open_right :"справа"
    tab_open_left :"зліва"
    tab_open_last :"у кінці"
    tab_open_first :"на початку"
    save_button :"Зберегти"

    setting_title :"Настройки QuickDrag"
    engine_title :"Поисковая система "
    is_address_forground :" Открывать обычную и текстовую ссылку в активной новой вкладке"
    is_search_forground :" Загружать поисковый запрос в активной новой вкладке"
    is_save_image :" Использовать drag-and-drop для сохранения изображения"
    is_prefer_save_image :" В случае изображения со ссылкой приоритет отдавать сохранению изображения"
    tab_title :"Открывать новую вкладку "
    tab_open_right :"справа"
    tab_open_left :"слева"
    tab_open_last :"в конце"
    tab_open_first :"в начале"
    save_button :"Сохранить"

    is_prefer_save_image :" In the case of an image with a link, priority is given to download images"
    Thank you very muchヽ(*´v`*)ノヽ(*´v`*)ノヽ(*´v`*)ノ

    I fixed the translation part in version 4.2.
  • Wow finally I can install the new Firefox with this extension I can use it with the wacom tablet.
    Is it possible to differentiate the open tabs in foreground/background with the gesture? If I drag up the tab is opened in FG if I drag down it is in BK.
    Thank you for review.

    I respect and create original QuickDrag, so we apologize, but we will not respond.
    It may be created as another add-on.

    P.S. Fixed the problem posted to Github.
  • ハラショー!!
  • Very helpful! It will be perfect for me if there is an option to decide wether this addon will apply to the local files (file:///*) or not. I think black list funtion will be useful for some site.
    Thank you for review.

    Code corresponding to (file: ///) is included.
    However, the API does not correspond.

    Although it is a blacklist function, since we respect the original QuickDrag, there is no plan to respond.
    It may be created as another add-on.
  • supporting baidu is useful in china mainland
  • Very Good,just a simple function and just what I need.