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  • Ich benutze PwdHash seit vielen Jahren, als von Computerbild erstmals darüber berichtet worden war. Es erfordert keinen extra Passwort-Tresor um Passwörter im PC zu speichern.
  • Very convenient
  • I've used this addon since I discovered it and I could not live without it. However, it is not compatible with Firefox's new multiprocess engine. I would love an update to do so.
  • 2016 still using since this was released, wish there were a few updates... :/
  • It is a great add-on but unfortunately not compatible with Firefox 45.5.1 :-(
  • So far so good
  • Use it for everything. However, a lot of sites have requirements regarding length, use of symbols, etc. Need options.
  • Thanks to this addon I've stopped using the same password for every site. It works very well on most sites.

    I have only two problems with it:

    - There's no visual indication that the hashed password is being sent.

    - Subdomains like a.com.es and b.com.es generate the same password. These domains are equivalent to .co.uk domains but for Spain. There're more of these kind of subdomains that should be treated like different sites.
  • in iceweasel 45.0a2 on debian 8 writing even one @ or pressing F2 immediately results in a segmentation fault. I really like this extension, and would like to use it on many platforms, I help to debug if I can...
  • Please add an option to let us choose another key instead of F2.
  • I am lost without this add-on. Please please update for Firefox 42!
  • This extension is the best Firefox extension, except for uBlock Origin. It really needs support for Firefox 42.0!
  • So Mozilla disabled this addon in FF 42, reminding me of how much I really don't like the game of "If I upgrade, I wonder which addons won't work any more?"
  • Excellent addon, but it has been disabled with FireFox 42. Could somebody please update it to make it work with FF 42?
  • Hi, I just updated to FF 42 and can't get this addon working anymore... it's really essential for me, so please update this addon as soon as you can. I really wonder why Mozilla specifically disabled it...
  • Hi, this addon will not install to Firefox 42 and I even changed the max version in the install .rdf and couldn't get it to install. Please update! All my passwords are based on this addon.
  • I can't recommend this, and I know the Stanford PwdHash library pretty well. This is a poor implementation. One major drawback is that there's no indication of whether or not the @@/F2 key sequence worked or not (it doesn't work on every site). So you're not sure if you're sending a hashed password or not.
  • I've been using it for years now and it still serves me well! Unobtrusive and simple: just prefix with @@ or F2 and your password will be a hashed one specific for this site.
    No more worries when a site leaks all of the unsalted passwords.

    Just two things on my wishlist:
    1. adjustable salt/password length via options
    2. highlight password form field, if PwdHash is active
  • Great to keep different & secure passwords for each site. I've been using it for years now and can't live without :-)
  • I'm shifting all of my passwords over to use this, and it usually works great. Even when password change forms confuse it, it isn't too hard to work around.

    I too would like to see the yellow background to ensure that I don't plaintext my password to some untrusted site.
  • Okay, first open up the .xpi file with WinRAR. Yo can probably use Win Zip, but I use WinRAR and make SURE to leave it open, so just minimize the opened WinRar with the files in it just chillin'... Now, open the install.rdf file, look towards the bottom for the line of code that usually reads 1.0-2.0.8 or something like that (those are the versions of Firefox). Just make sure to change the last number to 4.01 (or whatever the current version is, ie: 3.0-4.01) and put an asterisk at the end of it, but ONLY if there was one there before... like this: 1.0-2.0.8*) - LOL... I've done it with SOOO many apps and most of them simple apps, so they work fine, even with Firefox's Compatibility Add-on, they think it is genuine because I'm sure those #'s are what that app and most similar apps check for: the version # in the install.rdf file. Once you "hack" the .rdf file, then place it back into the WinRar that's been open all the time from the original .xpi, and then you just overwrite it (the .rdf file). Finally, close WinRAR and open the file with Firefox this time, into WinRAR. Then, it'll act as if you wanted to add and app and you go ahead and add the app, restart Firefox and voila! It works!!! :D
  • Entering @@ and, pressing backspace to delete the password field and reentering @@ struggles the extension a bit. But beside of this it works nice!
  • Really hoping for a 4.0 compatible version now that it's out of beta. If you have found yourself unable to use PwdHash you can always go to the official website PwdHash.com to re-generate them.

    You can also get Hashed for iOS which is a PwdHash.com companion for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. http://j.mp/itunes_hashed
  • suddenly incompatible. Help! quite a few pages have passwords generated. No idea how to access them.
  • @linopolus: The extension is the source. Download the .XPI and unpack it with any Zip 2.0-compatible archiver. Presto change-o, source.

    It's still using MD5, though. I'd look for a hasher that implements SHA1 or (better yet) SHA512. Just in case.