13 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • Please update for firefox 5!
    This add-on is essential for me! Simple and efficient!
    Many thanks to developer.

  • I could not able to change options in firefox 4.0. Save/Cancel buttons are not working.

  • This add-on needs an update since it became the add-on I use on regular basis!

  • functional workable solution

  • This one's on my top 10 Firefox addons.

  • I had to update since Shrinkify didn't upgrade to 3.5.
    Puny URL works great for me. I like the ability to work directly from a link in the text.

  • I had Tiny URL installed on Firefox but for some reason it stopped working. Puny installs easily and works fine. This app is a must if, for example, you want to send a link to a Google map to someone; those URLs can be dozens of characters long! This is an elegant solution.

  • With the options that you really need! Single click shortener directly to your clipboard! Just one of the features i really love!!

  • Slick and simple. Does the job exactly the way it should be. The right click over a link is a killer feature indeed.
    Kudos to the author.

  • It doesn't have to pop up anything. All you have to do is one click and you're done! This is the easiest way to shorten the URLs. The link is short and I love the symbol too. My favorite feature is that I can right click on the links on webpages and copy+shorten url at the same time!

    Incredibly useful. The best add-on you're gonna get.

  • works for me .
    get this plugin on http://f.lx.sl.pt

  • This is possibily one of the most useful url shorteners you can get. It's simple to use, gives you options, it doesn't force you to have an intrusive popup window everytime you shorten an url (giving you just an informing window if you prefer), and you have the added value of using even shorter unicode powered urls. Powerful, yet straight to the point.

  • Amazing. Works beautifully.