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  • Très bon plugin sur le papier mais qui peut être contourné très facilement.
    Démarrer Firefox > Aide > Redémarrer avec les modules désactivés. Une fois que le navigateur est démarré avec le module désactivé on peut supprimer Public Fox des modules complémentaires installés.
  • Esta excelente, cumple la función de bloquear el acceso a las configuraciones, pero no del todo. Si me voy a la pestaña ayuda, hay una opción en la que me permite reiniciar firefox, pero sin complementos, esto inhabilita cualquier restricción que se le haya echo al navegador, quizas sea bueno bloquear de alguna forma esa opción. SALUDOS SIGAN TRABAJANDO ASI
  • I am so happy this is available now for the newest Firefox. It keeps my autistic adult son's Firefox well locked down, and prevents him from downloading installation files of Windows software for his Linux machine!
  • Block downloads don't work!!!
    Edit to 1 star or if their is 0 then it should be....
    No response from the developers.
  • A extensão mais útil de todas!!!!! sem ela meu cybercafé estaria desprotegido, obrigado ao desenvolvedor por atualizar e manter esta extensão, eu aprecio muito este trabalho !
  • the only downside is its preventing me to play my facebook videos...
  • Not worked correctly. For url "about:preferences" - access denined, for url "about:preferences?entrypoint=menupanel#sync" - welcome!
  • This extension can easily be deleted by going to ~/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/PROFILE/extensions/ on mac, and deleting the extension. And if you are thinking about telling me to set it to read only, you can boot the computer in single-user mode and restart the setup process, to create and administrator account to delete the file.
  • I was waiting for this addon since long. the day Firefox was updated to new version the Public Fox was not working now after few months i got back this beautiful piece of app.
  • Good Addon!

    Would recommend the addition of a whitelist!
  • The extension will work, but once it blocks something, it does NOT allows me to unlock!! I put the password but doesn't respond.
  • DO NOT INSTALL IT, until properly fixed! It will lock you out of your own system!

    By the way, the addon description reads «Bookmarks», but there's actually no way to lock the bookmarks.

    [Tested on Firefox 58.0.2 (64 bit), Linux Lite 3.6]
  • It is very useful to block unauthorized downloading
  • This extension was essential for Parental Control before Firefox Quantum arrived and scrapped it.
    Please sign the petition : https://www.change.org/p/https-www-mozilla-org-better-parental-control-features-in-firefox
  • Excelente extensão, ela é fundamental para mim, pois preciso sempre restringir o uso de downloads nas maquina e ela faz isso muito bem. É uma pena não esta disponível na versão Quantum, então por favor atualizem ela para essa nova versão do Firefox Quantum o mais rápido possível.
  • Bonjour,

    Très bon module qui protège tous les modules de la désinstallation, par un mot de passe.
    Il permet aussi de bloquer plusieurs fonctions, comme les téléchargements, et ainsi un autre utilisateur ne peut installer un autre navigateur moins sécurisé.
    Seul bémol, il ne fonctionne pas avec toutes les versions de firefox.

    Google traduction:

    Very good module that protects all modules of the uninstall, by a password.
    It also allows you to block several features, such as downloads, and so another user can install another less secure browser.
    Only downside, it does not work with all versions of firefox.
    Thank you.

    P.S :
    AUTRE PROBLEME : Faille de sécurité : le module cache le mode sans échec au niveau du menu aide, mais il ne le cache pas au niveau des informations de dépannage.
    OTHER PROBLEM: Security Fault: The module hides safe mode from the help menu, but it does not hide it from the troubleshooting information.
  • that is great\
  • Can you please update this wonderful addon? It's no longer compatible with Firefox 55
  • Окно настроек не реагирует на нажатие кнопки "Ок".
    т.е. захожу в настройки дополнения, ввожу пароль, нажимаю "ОК" и ничего.
  • Lock Toolbar Customization
    When i see enter the password , i press ok and he enter.
    Password dont work
  • Nice add-ons but Lock firefox options not working on version 47.0! please fix this problem and add block all video
  • Unfortunately in Firefox 46.0.1 for me:
    Lock Downloads - doesn't work
    Lock Library(Downloads/History/Tags/Bookmarks) - doesn't work
    Lock Add-ons windows - work
    Lock Firefox options - doesn't work
    Lock 'about:config' settings page - work
    Lock addition of Bookmarks - doesn't work
    Lock History sidebar - doesn't work
    Lock Bookmarks sidebar - doesn't work
    Lock Toolbar Customization - doesn't work
    Lock 'Clear Private data' window - work

    PubliFox ver
  • I've used this extension for years with great success at a number of public locations. For roughly the last 6 months this extension has not been able to block access to areas of FF it claims to. I've given up and plan to find some alternative.

    On top of that, the AdBeaver extension that it prompts users to install changes the ads on reputable sites to vulgar/lower-quality ads. Not the end of the world for home use, I suppose, but DEFINITELY not suitable for customer use.