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Version 1.1.3 559.6 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 31.0a1 - 33.0

  • Improved styling of full screen warning prompt.
  • Fixed issue where some dev tools toolbar buttons were difficult to see or invisible in their pressed / checked state.

Version 1.1.2 554.6 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 31.0a1 - 33.0

  • Adjusted code comments.
  • Fixed issue where menu radios were not visible.
  • Fixed Browser Console autocompletion overlap issue on Linux.
  • Added sync icons back upon realisation that references to them were hard coded into the DOM.
  • Fixed window colour issues on Linux.
  • Fixed some close icon issues in sidebars and dev tools.
  • Added icons for contextual navigation in 32.0.
  • Improved the menu buttons in dev tools.
  • Fixed a popup menu bug from 1.1.1 (added popup transitions back because removing them causes issues).
  • Smushed some PNGs to decrease file size.
  • Implemented panel UI overflow scrolling.
  • Changed icon of "Sign in to Sync" option in panel UI to sync icon.

Version 1.1.1 618.5 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 31.0a1 - 33.0

  • Fixed issue where some checkboxes and radio buttons were invisible.
  • Added selected state to add-ons in about:addons.
  • Fixed custom toolbars.
  • Fixed pressed state for tree column picker.
  • Added services installation doorhanger icon.
  • Forced all toolbar button icons to be no larger than 18px in size.
  • Fixed a few popup toolbar button issues.

Version 1.1.0 612.5 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 31.0a1 - 33.0

  • Fixed volume control for embedded HTML5 media.
  • Fixed CSS console errors.
  • Fixed "It's an Attack" page background.
  • Added about:networking stylesheet.
  • Fixed dev tools inspector feature.
  • Added styling to responsive design view.
  • Fixed issue where radios and checkboxes (and other controls) were white on a light background in dev tools and about:addons.
  • Fixed issue where progress bars were hidden.
  • Added styling to resizers.
  • Added twister icons to dev tools inspector.
  • Fixed issue with toolbar buttons in tab bar.
  • Improved padding of panel UI in customise mode.
  • Added share toolbar button icon.
  • Fixed some issues with tree icons in Places library.
  • Added icons to navigation buttons in Places.

Version 1.1.0RC2 556.5 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 29.0a1 - 32.0

  • Temporarily removed CSS variables because they are still only compatible with Aurora and Nightly (compatibility was pushed back from 29.0 to 30.0 for some reason). This will fix the horrible bugs users were experiencing.
  • Converted most of the main icons to SVG format so that they now look perfectly crisp on high dpi displays.
  • Fixed a nasty bug with Aero Basic themes.
  • Added favicons back due to popular demand.
  • Implemented circular download indicator (it is magic!).
  • Other small bug fixes.
  • Version 1.1.0RC 581.2 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 30.0a1 - 30.*

    • Replaced all commonly used colours with CSS variables for easy access and potential user customisation in the future
    • Fixed issue where downloads indicator would appear incorrectly at times
    • Partially fixed the developer tools theme, still needs more work

    Version 1.1.0b3 624.0 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 29.0a1 - 31.0

    • Fixed problem where notification close icon was not inverted.
    • Improved styling of the customise UI.
    • Implemented sidebar button icon.
    • Improved styling of sidebar menu.
    • Fixed issue where tabs would overlap the titlebar buttons.
    • Decreased gap between top of window and tab bar.
    • Improved styling of textboxes inserted into the panel UI.
    • Improved styling of the panel UI sub menus.

    Known Issues
    • Developer tools uses default theme code.
    • Downloads button does not appear correctly at times.
    • Some CSS properties need to be replaced with CSS variables before a Pseutro Light version can be made.

    Version 1.1.0b2 624.5 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 29.0a1 - 31.0

    • Improved styling of bottom section of panel UI
    • Fixed colour of split menu button labels when pressing the drop arrow section
    • Fixed spacing of items in bookmarks menu
    • Added nav bar overflow icon
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Added compatibility for Firefox 31.0

    Known issues
    • Developer tools use the default theme code
    • Nav bar overflow menu items have no hover or pressed effects and are misaligned
    • Notification close button is not inverted
    • There is no sidebars icon
    • Customise UI needs work
    • Downloads button displays incorrectly at times

    Version 1.1.0b 625.1 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 29.0a1 - 30.0

    • Implemented panel UI
    • Fixed starred bookmark star colour
    • Skinned the new security help button in the site identity popup
    • Reverted developer tools theme to default for now (30.0 completely broke it beyond repair)
    • Removed the focus rectangles present in the new tab page
    • Fixed the ctrl + tab font colour
    • Fixed the download search cancel icon
    • Fixed the about:config filter clear icon
    • Improved add-ons manager theme
    • Improved existing toolbar button icons
    • Added icons for the new toolbar buttons
    • Partially updated CSS to use variables
    • Improved some identity box colours
    • Decreased textbox font weight
    • Simplified and darkened add-on icon
    • Countless other small bug fixes

    Known issues:
    • Customise UI needs work
    • Notification close button icon is not inverted
    • Plugin notification popup has too much padding
    • Download progress indicator displays incorrectly at times
    • Tabs can potentially overlap the window controls
    • Developer tools uses the default theme code
    • This build has only been tested on Windows 8.1

    Version 1.0.5 506.1 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 19.0 - 26.0

    1.0.5 Changes
    • Fixed some extensions' options windows

    Version 1.0.4 506.5 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 19.0 - 23.0

    1.0.4 Changes
    • Fixed some CSS errors
    • Improved Firefox compatibility ranges from 21.0-22.0 to 19.0-23.0
    • Improved tree styling
    • Trees with lines now use [+] and [-] icons, similar to MVS 2012
    • Improved richlist items
    • Improved Add-ons Manager category list
    • Forced bookmark item favicons to be displayed at 16px
    • Modified most colour values and some directory structures so that a light version of the theme could be generated automatically
    • Styled progress bars
    • Improved readability of about:config
    • Improved readability of some dev tools panels
    • Improved new tab page
    • Buttons in popups now have a correct pressed state
    • Other small bug fixes

    Version 1.0.1 666.8 kB Funktioniert mit Firefox 21.0a1 - 22.0

    • Fixed search bar auto-complete text colour (now black instead of white)
    • Fixed some Bookmarks Toolbar issues
    • Changed text colour of menu buttons to semi-transparent white instead of solid white (to blend in with other buttons)
    • Includes hotfix from 1.0 where bookmark item favicons were added.