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  • Végre megszűnt a GEMA tiltása a YouTube videók felett! Régóta bosszankodtam már emiatt,és rengeteg videót kerestem máshol (de persze sikertelenül),míg végül találtam ezt a kiegészítőt! Most már mindent lejátszik! Tényleg nagyon jó!!! Ajánlani fogom másnak is!!! :)
  • ENDLICH! Keine GEMA-Sperre mehr! Die einzige Sache, die irrsinnig nervt, sind die 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Werbebanner pro entsperrtem Video.
  • The reason why I'm giving only 3 stars is because Youtube videos, unblocked by this add-on, don't show comments. Instead it says "Currently no comments available" (on Linux Mint 17.2 MATE).
    So it's only half the way to unblock those videos.
    More stars to come after a fixed version will be available...
  • Thank You Developer .Its Working Excellent Guys. Ads Coming Otherwise Super Addon...If No Ads I Will Give 5 Stars.
  • Works to unlock a video, yes, but it immediately opened a facebook page and tries to get me to use this dang price finder... Bloatware..
  • good stuff. really like it. !
  • 非常非常不错的应用插件,解决了很多被限制地区不能播放的问题。非常好!
  • just wanted to grab a video that youtube was blocking in canada and the US and this worked like a charm.. thanks!
  • This was a great add-on once.

    Nowadays it does not work most of the time and (what is even worse) is bloated with Adware and constantly bugs the user with countless ads and "donation" requests.

    Just uninstalled it for good...
  • As the developer has said, Youtube made some changes that needed to be adapted into the AddOn. I too found myself with a non working ProxTube version 1.5.5, when it has worked fine before. As promised by the developer, the new version deals with that and runs fine once more. Unfortunately the updated version is not yet available via Mozillas Add-Ons channel - still only the obsolete 1.5.5 which does not work anymore, so go and get the update from the devs side @ https://proxtube.com.
    Version 2.0 is awaiting moderation from Mozilla for more than 4 weeks now. They seem pretty slow at the moment so we are not able to provide an update at addons.mozilla.org, only on our website. :/
  • Funktioniert prima!
  • Sorry, but I tried proxTube but I still could not watch the video on Youtube, I'm from the UK & the video I was trying to watch was a TV movie called Separated By Murder (1994) but all I'm getting is 'Sorry, ProxTube was not able to unblock this video. Maybe this video is blocked in the US.' :/
  • Funktioniert gut und Foxydeals muss man ja nicht dazu installieren.
  • I love it.
  • Avoid.
  • it works ok
  • Works like a charm. I'm using Proxtube for years now and never had any problems with it. One of the best for Firefox.
  • This addon STILL spies on you. It reports any side you visit and you CAN NOT disable the deals option. DO NOT INSTALL!
  • Does not work, FAQs are written by a person who hasn't thought 3 minutes about what users need, clunky -- the sort of stuff that makes Add-Ons look like a total waste of time.
  • Funciona bien, he intenta siempre desblockear, no es lo ideal, pero funciona.
  • Doesn't work. Tried 4 different videos in UK, all restricted to US only. It failed.
  • NICE Add-On!!!

    Works WONDERFULL for me!!!!!
  • has not worked for months
  • Doesn't work for me! :(
    Latest versions of Proxtube and Firefox
  • I really love that awesome addon for firefox, but now I can't watch any playlists anymore, they were working fine and now, something changed and proxtube is the culprit, since I've disabled it, my playlist are working, but I need it, please fix this awesome addon...