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  • For me, it was useless.
  • nice
  • wann wird der Typ endlich von der Firefox gefeuert?
  • thank you
  • すべての国でブロックされたコンテンツが含まれている動画は再生できませんでした。
  • good
  • Firefox 57.0.4 (64-Bit) updated 1/2018

    ProxTube 4.0.5 works good but increases video loading time. Often loading is being restarted even if ProxTube is switched off.
    Now I can see a video in Germany which is restricted to non-Germany. But why can I see it NOW also even if ProxTube is switched off???

    Disturbing: The green money bar appearing every time. Because of this and the increased video loading time, I activate only if necessary.
  • No funciona...