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My all time favorite new tab addon. I've worked a lot with the thumbnails over the past 2 years but love this new tab style the most. Please bring it back! I'm willing to get involved with this if you guys need some help! :)

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Please update us on this project, I really really want this back. With fixes of course.

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Please please please bring this back!

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I'm having to reduce this by a star. This addon is just not working anymore I have no idea why, can it not handle after observing behavior for so long? I have left it installed in hopes that it would be fixed. But it has not been associating anything properly. Many times it pops up saying it can't make any predictions.

Please please please fix. Speed dials are a thing of the past. We need this addon. :(

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I mostly use the frequently browsed with section. THat's like 90%. But I absolutely absolutely love the similar content bar. I wish I could see the bookmarks column more but it doesn't show up much.

However there is a major problem. :( I'm not going to bring this down one star because this addon is absolutely amazing amazing! Better then any speed dial! (Although people might want to see RSS feed somewhere, I don't use it I don't know how firefox currently handles it.

So I've been using this since i commented, it's almost been a month, however it still can't detect that there are some sites that should show in frequently browsed with, there are certain sites I go to from almost everywhere and anywhere.

Also I clicked a external link once or twice off of an article on a forum, i use this forum a lot and don't really go to external links from it, however that one article continually shows there.

I once deleted something from url bar with delete button and now that is not showing up after opening a new tab from the page i usually go to it (ive been waiting 3 weeks for it to comeback :()

Please make the predicting more smart this is absolutely amazing.

Edit July 31, 2011: Responding to Dev
Thanks so much for your prompt reply! I really appreciate that info I honestly can't wait!
It would be nice to if you can spiff up the page a bit while keeping it totally simple like it is now. (I don't know rounded corners or something haha, you know what i mean? just prettier :P)

I'm glad you like it. The development has slowed down mostly because we're taking the two different approaches that this addon uses and A/B testing them against each other using test pilot. Once the results from that are in (we expect that to be in 2-3 weeks), I'll try to update the addon accordingly.

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Upgrading review to 5 stars. This is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! VERY simple and absolutely intuitive. This is definitely a one up on chrome. AWESOME work here!

In just 2 days it is already giving me very accurate suggestions. A speed dial page would NEVER be this helpful.

Thanks man! Please recommend to your boss this needs to go into FF in place of a speed dial, sure they should definitely prettify it up a bit though. But keep it simple.

Thanks man!

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm curious as to which category you find the most relevant most commonly. We're looking to push this into a test pilot ( and if the feedback data is positive hopefully into a future version of Firefox.