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I use this extension in the work, it saved me a lot of time and nerves

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This is very good indeed, with lots of features (I like the auto TOC generation especially). It can handle dynamic page URLs, unlike the pdfcrowd extension, and doesn't crash FF 26, unlike the PrinttoPDF extension. Thanks.

One Page PDF... is it possible? - IN REPLY (below) Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thanks for the reply.

Would it be possible to use the </html> of the web page as the "Page Length"..?

If I view the Page Source of this page that I am currently viewing, the </html> appears on line 565.

Good Work btw.


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addon really well done.

It would be useful to be able to print only the selected area with links inside

Its on the list


yes, this is on the list of future enhancements, but I am not sure if it could be implemented for next version.
A workaround would be to remove the surrounding areas (see ).


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Great add-on in its type, I use it often.
But ALL pdf-savers have the same problem.When I save page with pictures (like article) and a some picture falls at the bottom of the page into the width of the last 3-5 lines, the add-on cuts a picture in half. Can you fix it so that (seeing as technically possible) 1) the picture just fell on the next page 2) or to add a setting option of saving the whole web-page without pagination?
(Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my mother language)

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I would love to use this extention in SeaMonkey. Do you have any plans to add SM compatibility?

I added the SM id to the install.rdf, which let me install the plugin. But there is no context entry, nor any menu option or toobar button to make it usable.

not yet


sorry I am not experinced with SeaMonkey so I have to check the effort to port the AddOn. So the only promise I can make is, to check it for the next version.


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great & fast in converting web to pdf without downloading command :)

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This works great with FireFox x32 under Win7 & Win 8.x x64, but hangs under CyberFox (x64 compile), just like the FAQ for FireFox-x64 under Linux-x64, but the fix for that does not work under Win7-x64. Needs a fix for Win-7/Win-8x-x64, too. PLEASE!

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I searched a free pdf printer able to conserve webpages hyperlinks : i didn't find it but i found your great firefox extension which offers this feature;
the content editing is also a great feature ; may i suggest to add a "select" button with which the user could select the element(s) he wants to print : it would be useful for example when a webpage contains a main article you want to print : you select it, and all the rest is deleted ;
it would be more rapid in this case to work by exception than delete all the elements you don't want ; another advantage is that the article would have the whole place in the pdf document ; I tried to obtain this result with the delete button but i didnt achieve that : the article seemed to be the last element but his size wasn't the page size as if some deleted elements had conserved the space they had before deleting.
This feature would be a way to offer a "print selection" one, integrating into your present logic ?

many thanks for your great work !

(i apologize for my poor english :)

Good idea


sounds like a good idea. In general my thought was, that if somebody nees more editing capabilities he should use some of specialiced AddOns for this task and print the result with my AddOn.

But I will chech how much effort it is to implement your idea for one of the next Versions.


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Great app. Have barely used it. For what I needed it worked perfect. Really like how it uses the "native" Adobe Reader when it's completed the save to PDF. There's nothing novel/esoteric to learn. It's exactly what you see whenever you read a PDF. Also, the fact you can save TABS *INTO* the Single PDF. With "Menu Tree", etc. I've yet to use the Archive, not sure I "Get it" yet, but will try. Only question. Where is the donation-ware Pay Pal link? ;-)Seriously, the "I'll buy you lunch and beer fund" Great app especially for an Alpha (least coded as such 0.x.x

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How does one change the default PDF viewer from Adobe Acrobat? (Linux). My Firefox preferences all use Okular, but this addon always uses acrobat. Couldn't figure out any other way to ask a question. Great add-on.

Using Preferences?


I am not using Okular so I am not sure if this solves your problem:
In Preferences you can choose a Program by Pathname to open the resulting pdf. (Look at ).

Please let me know by the support e-mail:


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In the past, I"ve used Chrome and the "Print to PDF" feature, however It would not always render the page correctly, etc. *HOWEVER*, this app/add-on allows you to print the ENTIRE PAGE, *INCLUDING* the "Side Rail" that is native to PDF, so you can navigate as if were a PDF file. The only downside and i *DO NOT* blame "Print Pages to PDF" if I have too many Tabs and/or Windows opens if P2PDF will *SOMETIMES* crash. However, I have not isolated the problem and think it's more Firefox than P2PDF. (Although I am a FULL TIME user of this. Easily one of my favorite top 10-Apps@ The Ripper THANK YOU for providing an application that is ESSENTIAL to me and you are VERY APPRECIATED for your efforts!!

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Best HTML to PDF addons so far.
Will be better to fully support Latex.
I'm using this addons mostly in MOOC Coursera dot org discussion forum.
But, it always failed when dealing with Latex math equations.
Respectfully I suggest developers to try it in a Coursera course's discussion forum, (such as "Calculus One", calculus dot org slash course slash calc1 )
Thank you so much.

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The Print pages to Pdf icon when added to the Add-On Bar enlarges the Add-On bar :(

Could you fix this please? Thank you.

Probably too large


thank you for this info, will check it and hopefully fix in the next version.

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while this is great, the open source "wkhtmltopdf library" is pretty limited in what it can reproduce accurately

And ive yet to figure out how to edit the page to remove/change onscreen elements. Havent read alotof the user manual, but still worth noting those edit options arent intuitive, cant use them till you understand

Also there doesnt seem to be a way to reproduce a webpage at 100% size, its always like 70% original size, with white boarders around it.

On the plus side, unlike other pdf creators, you can change the page length to anything you want, being able to capture a whole webpage on one pdf page to avoid content cuttoffs is very handy.

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Geniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! :D

I was unable to understand why PDF printing failed Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

I will however rate it with 3 stars because the underlying wkhtmltopdf package does its job well :)

Problem: I wanted to print a web report that spanned six screenfuls of output, and FF's "print" function only printed the first screenful

Solution: install this add-on... which doesn't actually work and prints an actual error message for a tiny fraction of a second, then reports a "javascrip" error triangle with no added explanation (and no, mouseover just shows the "javascrip" error - and no apparent way to track back the original error)

Diagnostic: read FAQ, try the 64-bit static wkhtmltopdf package (despite my 64-bit Fedora 19 fully supports 32-bit binaries) - still no go.

Actual solution: from FF, run "Save Frame As" in full HTML output, run wkhtmltopdf on said HTML, voila my multipage PDF !

A better troubleshooting section could be helpful in this case, where I was not able to understand why the add-on failed to perform its job - while the underlying tool works.

For the developer: I may be available to try out suggestions next week when I'm at the same place where I can generate the output which is problematic to the add-on. In the meantime, thanks :)

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Great add-on. Works exactly as described. The really useful feature is that I can print _multiple_ web pages into a single PDF. I can't install software (like PDF Forge) on my work computer, so this is really handy to collect a bunch of pages into a single document.

Any chance of making a similar extension for Chrome? All the extensions in the Chrome web store just convert a single web page (the current web page) into PDF.

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The PDF generator code this plugin uses does not scale CSS3 transforms correctly.

bekomme es nicht zum laufen? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Also würde es wirklich gerne nutzen:-), aber bei meiner FF Version (24) bekomme ich es einfach nicht zum laufen :-(... Habe es jetzt schon seit 1h probiert. Es lief kurz (Installation unter Sandboxie) dann regulär installiert (sandboxie Installationen sind ja immer so eine Sache auch wenn der Profilordner freigegeben ist). Aber seit dem läuft es nicht mehr. Installation, Buttons/ Menüpunkte alles da, aber keine Aktion/ Funktion. Das Einstellungsmenü erreiche ich nur über den FF AddOn Manager. Vermute da sind Installationsreste übrig geblieben, die eine erneute Installations des Tools (nach Sandboxie) nun verhindern? ...Aber der erste Eindruck war mir dennoch 4 Sterne wert. Vielleicht kann "Der PDF Ripper" mir noch einen Tipp geben:-)