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On almost all pages I've tried to use this on, it does not work right. It is either saving completely blank pages or with a page and a half of whitespace before the page content. There also needs to be a way to prompt for a save location (which would default to the last-used directory).EDIT: Dev replied that there's a bug with it with FF18, he's working on it.EDIT 2: I misunderstood a setting that caused part of my initial issue. The leading blank page is from setting it to include a Table Of Contents, I was expecting it to create a TOC that shows in a sidebar of the PDF viewer.

EDIT 3: Most images do not print even when set to print them - both foreground and background images.

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Version 18 Problem


sorry the AddOn has a Problem with Version FireFox 18. I am working on a BugFix, in the moment the only Workaround is going back to FF 17 (or waiting for the bugfix).