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  • Doesn't display/format the whole page. Only prints the outer Web page frame, with next to no content. This has happened with multiple different pages on multiple Web sites, every time I try to use it. Completely useless.
    Can you share the URL to the page that's not working. https://support.printfriendly.com/contact
  • It does what it promise, and do it perfectly:
    "cleans and formats web pages for perfect reading experience"
  • Excellent pour imprimer des pages web en pdf. L'insertion de l'adresse de la page dans le pdf créé est un plus essentiel.
  • Print Friendly is the best and easiest means to convert a blog article on a web page into a PDF to save on your PC. I consider Print Friendly to be an ESSENTIAL extension.
  • Ottima app per trasformare intere videate in doc. in formato pdf
  • The content of this page is missing mostly images while trying to print https://dlford.io/pfsense-nat-how-to-home-lab-part-3/
  • Amazing add-on for collecting reading without all the banners etc.
  • Doesn't work perfectly on each single page, but considering the lack of alternatives, I very much value the effort put into this add-on. When it works (most of the times), the page is really clean and tidy. The options to modify text and image size are definitely a great plus.
    I'd recommend the following to improve on usability: 1) loading the preview header as docked, so it stays there when scrolling down; 2) not duplicating the button to save PDF, let me just click once; 3) loading the preview overlay as a lightbox, so I don't have to click into the small icon to dismiss it; 4) When saving the PDF, add the name of the website in the end rather than at the beginning (or give me the option to choose); 5) give me the option whehter I wan to reduce the image size or not.
    Doesn't seem seem to work with reddit pages (where everything else fails, as well), and few others (such as www.scmp.com).
    Thanks for the hard work.
  • It is a good add-on but got broken lately, the links from the documents are missing both in chrome and firefox (70.0.1) across multiple PCs. Also it does not work properly on some sites like github or medium where it has issues like content missing or only the first page gets picked up.
    If you can send the URLs to pages on medium.com that aren't working to support@printfriendly.com that would help.
  • It's a great tool in Chrome, but unfortunately only good on Firefox (doesn't include images like in Chrome). What i especially like is that it automatically removes all the clutter and just takes the articles i want.
  • The best add-on for the functionality offered.
    There are some issues for me though:
    - blurred images here and there (example: https://medium.com/@atippy83/guitarix-the-pi-dle-board-8d6298ca8e42)
    - cannot "print to PDF" GitHub pages (gives me blank page)
    Thanks for the great work.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using Firefox extension "Print Friendly & PDF" (v2.1.0 at the moment).
    The one referenced in your reply, from printfriendly.com, is v1.3 (according to the filename).
    Are these the same extension/add-on, and if so, why would the "older" version be better/work
    for the pages in question?
    Thanks for the URLs to review.

    The FireFox store will not allow us to have a ClientSide extension. However, if you get the FireFox extension available from PrintFriendly.com/extensions/firefox it will work on the following pages.

    We will fix for all Extensions: https://medium.com/@atippy83/guitarix-the-pi-dle-board-8d6298ca8e42

    Github requires clientside extension. PrintFriendly.com/extensions/firefox
  • excelente resultado, crea una vista de pagina muy limpia

    excellent result, create a very clean page view