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  • It is a good add-on but got broken lately, the links from the documents are missing both in chrome and firefox (70.0.1) across multiple PCs. Also it does not work properly on some sites like github or medium where it has issues like content missing or only the first page gets picked up.
    If you can send the URLs to pages on medium.com that aren't working to support@printfriendly.com that would help.
  • It's a great tool in Chrome, but unfortunately only good on Firefox (doesn't include images like in Chrome). What i especially like is that it automatically removes all the clutter and just takes the articles i want.
  • The best add-on for the functionality offered.
    There are some issues for me though:
    - blurred images here and there (example: https://medium.com/@atippy83/guitarix-the-pi-dle-board-8d6298ca8e42)
    - cannot "print to PDF" GitHub pages (gives me blank page)
    Thanks for the great work.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using Firefox extension "Print Friendly & PDF" (v2.1.0 at the moment).
    The one referenced in your reply, from printfriendly.com, is v1.3 (according to the filename).
    Are these the same extension/add-on, and if so, why would the "older" version be better/work
    for the pages in question?
    Thanks for the URLs to review.

    The FireFox store will not allow us to have a ClientSide extension. However, if you get the FireFox extension available from PrintFriendly.com/extensions/firefox it will work on the following pages.

    We will fix for all Extensions: https://medium.com/@atippy83/guitarix-the-pi-dle-board-8d6298ca8e42

    Github requires clientside extension. PrintFriendly.com/extensions/firefox
  • excelente resultado, crea una vista de pagina muy limpia

    excellent result, create a very clean page view
  • Really enjoy this extension. This extension not only can help to make some web pages readable, it also allow you to remove information from pages that aren't relevant to printing. Also allows you to resize images, and remove others, so you're not wasting printer toner on things you don't need. While there are pages that prevent it's use, those pages also disallow Firefox printing. Unfortunately for some pages all you can do is use the "other" browser to print. Not the fault of the extension or Firefox, it's how some folks build webpages.
  • Print friendly and PDF allows me to preview the document and remove unwanted sections with an easy user interface.
  • very useful extention! you can also manually delete unwanted page elements from pdf.
  • Simple and effective. The best way I've seen so far for saving webpages in pdf format.
  • After UnMHT was discontinued, i've been looking for a plugin to save articles just as easily (less than 30 seconds per page I save and no editing of the saved page) and make it just as easy to index and read. I have found it. This is a life saver for me.
  • if it's a pw protected website & I'm logged in to the site, it refuses to work anyway
    Please download the FF extension available directly from our website, it works on Password Protected pages. The firefox store doesn't allow us to have the extension work on PW pages.


    Please update your review.
  • It deleted some regular images as well and did not stick to ads, navigation areas and margins.
    I think, you should improve it by either adding a button at the top that allows showing all deleted items. If an item is deleted wrongly, there should be an undelete button to allow restoring it.

    Another issue is the fact that you allow deleting the whole external DIV obviously. There are often some items within that are ads that cannot be deleted without deleting the whole DIV, which is a petty.

    I think that you should learn from Lizard, which allows getting into internal DIVs and deleting them individually.
    There is an undo button in the toolbar which restores anything deleted. The parent div can't be deleted but some websites use Tables as the parent which gives that effect.

    Please update your review. :)
  • I (probably unfairly) rated this at 1/5 stars... I am upset that their extension information page did not SAY ANYTHING about it using their website to accomplish this task. It may work well, I don't know. BUT privacy is a prime concern for me, and they didn't even consider I would take that into account in making my choice to use their extension.

    EDIT: They've responded to the above review (see below). Unless I'm reading their response incorrectly, they seem not to have even understood that my problem was with their withholding of the information that they were sending my webpage to their own site for processing, rather than with the function of the extension itself. It seems like a cognitive disconnect on their part. Or they just didn't actually read it. Still 1/5 stars.
    This is a limitation placed by the FireFox store. If you use the chrome extension, OR the FireFox extension directly from our site, it will work in the browser. https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions

    Please give a try and update your review.
  • Images are blurred. Would you fix this? I'm using Firefox 68.0.1 (64-bit). Example: https://medium.com/pgs-software/aws-microservices-in-php-a-multi-tenant-framework-f1339ce0c1d7
    Do you have an example URL where the images are blurred?