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  • Farewell Washington post, your subscription clickbait is gone
  • Convenient and useful addition. Unfortunately, it does not always turn on.
  • Favorite addon on Windows, so its a pitty it dont work for android.
  • 基本的に機能してくれるのですが、たまにブロックしたサイトが検索欄に出てきたり、検索結果ページからサイトをブロックする機能が働かなくなったりします。
  • No option to edit the list of blocked sites. This is a deal-breaker.
  • Where do I find and edit my block list, the current way of having to show results and manually unblocking links is inefficient.
  • Fonctionne très bien avec Firefox 56 développeur!
  • this add-on support by Android, but it's not working for cellphone page yet
  • Very useful to filter the search! I like the option that hide "block this domain" in the results. Maybe it would be good to have it in the context menu?

    Suggestion: add a support for wildcards ? and *, as it doesn't seems to work now. (For instance *.fr doesn't block everything with a .fr domain). Other suggestion: add a feature to block also the access for the site. For instance, if I want to use the addon as a parental control, the child could search in Google, or typing directly the URL, or some site could redirect me to the URL I don't want. But it would be probably good to make another extension for this feature, to let this one light in weight.
  • すばらしい!
    注意: こういう拡張機能を用いたい人は大抵Google検索のURL変数に「pws=0(個別化検索を使用しない)」を含めていると思う。ブロックリストにサイトを追加したいときはこの変数を一旦抜いてGoogle検索にアクセスすること。
  • Great piece of software. Highly recommended !!!
  • 終於恢復正常,感謝更新~
  • This add on started out as a very good programme, just what I needed but seems quite unstable.
    For some google searches it behaves as required but then either allows blocked domains to appear or blocks everything bar one random site.
    This is a prelimanary assement as I am awaiting replies to the issues above from the developer
  • Wow! Finally got rid of those pesky Pinterest results! My only complain was that I didn't like the 'block..domain' below each result and then I discovered that you can disable it in the settings! A++++++++
  • I use it to block Pinterest from Google results. And it works fine. Pinterest sucks!!!
  • Very good given the last of alternatives; Ive used this for years. Overdue for some UI tweaks.
  • Finally a tool which allows me to configure search the way I want it. Too bad Google couldn't provide this for me, but then why would they. They want to drive me to their crony sites.
  • Very helpful. One problem though: The UI and method for managing my blocklist is a bit clunky. It is also slow to change pages in the manager window if you have a lot of blocked sites. I would suggest some kind of optimized list view or some easier and faster way to edit the blocklist without sifting through pages of entries.
  • Don't work on Firefox 61.0.1