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One of my "must have" Firefox addons of all times.

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Just discovered Permit Cookies 2. I had the original installed but this has the better icon. Thanks for the update to this very useful addon.

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Thanks for helping out with this extension, its my favorite no frills cookie manager and I've been using it as long as I've been using Firefox.

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Works fine and, IMO, the best "add-on mate" for the 'Self-Destructing Cookies' add-on, because it allows cookie exception creation/modification right from the toolbar, as a button. Moreover, the color of the icon (a nice "C" so logical) reflects immediately the cookie status for the site.
Up to now I would use Firefox's 'Info Page' accessed via dedicated add-on button ('Page Info Button'), but Firefox's Info Pages manages sites' cookie status without stripping the "www", therefore often missing the site's cookie when labeled on the domain.
Just fine.

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