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  • it doesnot play in my computer
  • Vraiment bien, j'adore cette extension!
    Very Good, I love this extension! Sorry if bad english ;)
  • Cette extension est merveilleuse, bravo au concepteur.
    This extension is wonderful, cheer to the author.
  • this extension is great!!!
  • I can click and edit some (but not all) images, but I cannot remove or edit any text. Also I need to click (not just hover) elements. This is bad as some images are links and push the browser to another site. Going back to the Aardvark addon which has a far better edit implementation! Do not waste your time here.
  • how do i pull it up?
  • Cool Very Cool But When I use it the Button is off and when i dont use it the button's on its real annoying
  • v2.0.a2

    unzip .xpi and edit install.rdf


    zip again and rename to .xpi
  • best Great
  • SUCKS!!!!!
    Waow! That's a constructive review, it will help me a lot to make Page Hacker less "sucking"...

    Have a nice day.
  • SUCKS!!!!!
  • best firefox add-on, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty ;-)
  • i just wonder if you can keep the changes you made on the page and make them permenant.....
    muahahahahaha >:)
  • Опечатки в описании.
    Хозяин текст исправь.
    I have updated the Russian description text, thanks to TLemur on BabelZilla.org for the translation.
  • why i can't use your shortcut Ctrl + F2 in my firefox
    please help i really need this addons + shortcut
    great addons anyway

    Try to create a new Firefox profile (read http://support.mozilla.com/fr/kb/Managing+profiles if needed) and install Page Hacker in it. If the shortcut works, you've probably got another addon using this shortcut.

    If you need further help, please post on MozillaZine or Geckozone forums (you'll find the links on the description page and the addon homepage), it'll be easier.

  • Просто потрясающе !
  • Просто потрясающе !
  • Super ! It is very nice !
  • Thanks Nicolas! This add-on is very helpful for me. It makes me edit my memos light weight in HTML, but I don't know how to edit link (href attributes).
    Can I edit it using this add-on?
    It'll be possible with Page Hacker 2... which is however on a hiatus for the moment. You can still have a look at the pre-versions on my website (I don't even remember how far I went into implementing this :/).
  • Ist das legal ??
    Of course it is legal, as it changes the page only on your computer, not on the server, so you'll be the only one to see your changes.

    Try for an answer in German: ;-)
    Es ist völlig legal denn es ändern die Seite nur auf deinem Computer: die andere Leute sehen nicht was du machen hast. Man kann auch rechtmäßig die Seite speichern und mit einem Textverarbeitungsprogramm ändern.
  • That icon of yours rOx! Boo scary =:))
    This great icon is from the incredible efdur from BabelZilla: http://www.babelzilla.org/

    Many thanks to him!
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Great! Many thanks!

    It works perfect together with UnMHT addon.
  • Screw the soccer moms and their feminized, mini-van-driving husbands:

    Keep the name and icon exactly as they are.

    Thanks to the guy who pointed out the JavaScript equivalent, but that takes nothing away from the cool simplicity of this add-on.