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  • C'est tout à fait appréciable de pouvoir modifier une page web directement depuis le navigateur sans besoin de savoir coder! Seul regret c'est qu'il n'est pas possible de modifier les styles et couleurs, mais pas demander la lune!
    En tout cas, un grand merci à l'auteur
    Merci pour ce commentaire ! Le tout nouveau Page Hacker 3.0 permet désormais de modifier la mise en forme du texte grâce à une barre d'outils flottante. Il n'est pas encore possible de changer les couleurs, mais je vais voir ce que je peux faire.
  • Can I give 10 in 5? :D
  • You can do this with Firebug so this is not needed.
  • This is the mind blowing thing... works perfect.
  • Brilliant. At bl***dy last, a way to correct spelling a.s.o. with no further ado than clicking a button. Just installed it and so far it works. Thanks ever so much! (needs serious discipline to resist pranking, though, lol)
  • 不能更酷了!!!
    我常用pagehacker改动页面,再用page to pdf 保存为pdf
  • Nice!!!
  • Ich persöhnlich fänds geiler, wenn das alles öffentlich sichtbar wäre, und gespeichert wäre... bitte um diese einstellung
  • try Page Hacker Revived
  • Needs source code edit option. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

    by This Guy on October 24, 2011 · permalink

    It works alright. But, I have trouble using it as I can't edit the source code itself. I don't like how it works as of right now. It works, it's just hard to change certain things.

    Try customize your web it's another addon that has all kinds of features. But for simplicity of use cut/copy/paste stuff I found page hacker to be quite good. The customize your web addon is more involved with multiple options for each element and creating custom scripts for each page and/or element that you have selected. I would have PM'd you rather than technically advertised another's addon but I is dum and couldn't figure out who u were or see a clickable link to reply to you specifically with. Type of thingy-me- jig. hhuurmmpff
  • javascript:document.designMode='on';xyz
  • It works alright. But, I have trouble using it as I can't edit the source code itself. I don't like how it works as of right now. It works, it's just hard to change certain things.
  • This plug in is great,
    You are better off installing the new versions on his webpage( http://nicopensource.free.fr/pages/pagehacker-en.php ).

    I just want to add one quick thing.

    PLEASE make it save the pages in UTF-8.
    Several extended ascii / unicode characters wont save properly. So PLEASE add this‼

    It would also be really great if you added an "edit Source" type of function, where we could switch between WYSIWYG & the actual Source Code.

  • Firefox 3.6.. and it does not work, nothing happens, there is no additional button in edit or anywhere in the browser.
    I see other reviews... could it be my system?
  • how do i use this?
  • I Searched For Somthing Similar To This But Found NOTHING!
    Sure, there are some others that are look-alike but No-one Is Good As This!
    Thank You For This!
    I Read Someone Writing That This Go Good With Scrapbook And Aardvark - Now Why Would Someone Need Aardvark ? Dosent Scrapbook Have That This In His TollBar?
  • Отлично, что есть русское описание, но: установил, перезагрузил, нажал Ctrl+F2, никаких изменений не заметил, ни в появлении кнопочки, ни в контекстном меню, ни в отображении указателя мышки (в т.ч. и при клике мышкой). Как пользоваться не понял. Удалил.
  • i must of downloaded this 5 times and every time it doesn't work nothing changes nothing happens everything stays the same so i dont know what to do how do i fix it?
  • Not available for Firefox 4.0b2

    time to update !!!
  • До любого html редактора ему конечно как до луны:) Но позабавить людей далёких от программирования он сможет.Хорошо для несерьезных целей:)
  • Thank you for this, works like a charm! The toolbar botton is quite overdone (matter of taste, but not mine ;-)
    Great job!
  • I just wonder, why isn't the 2.0 version distributed plainly on this official FF site. ?

    thanks for response
    Simply as it is "alpha" and not "Mozilla Add-ons" quality, some bugs are still to be fixed. I lack time for the moment but I hope to be able to finish the started work... one day!
  • This is a great product, it works as advertised. FYI, it does not let you edit everything. To do that, you need to dig into the html; use Firebug. http://getfirebug.com/
  • Pagehacker is - together with Aardvark - a great tool for hacking Webpages, before saving with Scrapbook.

    7-Zip is - together with Gimp - a great tool for hacking pictures in xpi's before installing in Firefox.
  • pos to vazeis na to egatastiseis???gia na fenete dipla apo to spitaki???