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  • Looks good !

    Although none of the buttons on the Toolbar are working for me?

    Firefox 70.0.1
    Thank you for your review. Actually there seems to be some issues with the toolbar with latest Firefox versions, I am investigating it.
  • Good to have
  • Completed what I wanted
  • Thank your extension!

    I just hope to add functionality: you can customize the color of the font to distinguish which are added by the user.

    Secondly, I found a problem, every time to enable the plug-in, plug-in toolbar will appear at the top of the page, so I need to find again I need to edit the location of the page, I feel this is very inconvenient, or am I wrong operation?
  • Very nice addon.
    But, please add .........
    1) highlight text or zone possibility.
    2) Draw possibility.

    This would be perfect for the use I have ... Edit a page, then save it as a pdf with Print-edit PDF addon (and saving it to computer as a pdf).
    This way, your addon would become essential for lots of people wishing to save an edited web page and a nice companion to lots of "save as pdf" addons.

    Have a nice day
  • Nice.
  • I love it.THANK YOU!
  • best in class
  • Wonderful add-on! I am wondering though - can we add a right-click context menu shortcut to turn on Page Hacker? it will definitely be a lot more convenient!
    Thanks for your review! I'll consider a context menu entry for the future, in such case I'll add the option to disable the entry not to overload the menu. Until then, you can use the Ctrl+F2 shortcut (Cmd+F2 on Mac OS).
  • Great work
  • Good
  • I love this add-on. I use more for joking than anything, love it....
    Thank you for this very positive review. I hope you'll love even more the new Page Hacker 3.0, with its brand new formatting toolbar!
  • I used this add-on a fair amount. It's great!
    Hello, it should install fine on Firefox 50 and at least up to Firefox 56. Do you have any issue using it?