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Can't see any good reason to send bookmarks to "Deed" as opposed to the native FireFox bookmark facility. What advantage does "Deed" have over internal bookmarking ? A solution to a non-existent problem.

Deed is for temporary bookmarks


Thank you for the feedback.

We often visit many websites whose content is important for us only for a couple of days or so. After that, we no longer need the bookmark.

Native browser bookmarks are more permanent in nature, while Deed provides a solution for the kinds of bookmarks that need to be quickly added, then quickly removed and forgotten.

Also, bookmarks are only one aspect of Deed's features. Deed is a more general purpose organizer where you can manage any to-dos (called "deeds") with an absolute minimum number of clicks - even setting a reminder for tomorrow can take just two clicks - try doing that in any other organizer out there.

Ordinem Team