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Warum wurde "OpenDownload²" geschaffen?

As someone who loves to test new and interesting Windows software every now and then, I need to run .exe files rather often. When my preferred solution OpenDownload ceased to work when Firefox 3.0 was released, I decided to take it over just for the sake of learning something new. The basic improvements for 3.x compatibility soon grew into a huge amount of internal rewrites; the more I learned about XUL and Firefox internals, the more changes followed.

People found out rather soon that my improvements were worth a look. For some yet unknown reason, OpenDownload² (renamed with version 3.0.0 because of a major code rewrite) is called a "must-have" in the reviews now. On the other hand, at least for me it surely is.

Was kommt als nächstes für OpenDownload²

I have always been a friend of the KISS principles - keeping it simple and stupid. I doubt I will ever add some GUI or information dialogs. Anyway, I plan to keep OpenDownload² up-to-date for new Firefox (and, maybe, SeaMonkey) releases as long as I can. Up to now I managed to stay compatible with new beta versions rather fast. I hope I will manage to keep it this way for some more years. ;-)

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Name Tuxman
Homepage http://tuxproject.de/
Benutzer seit July 7, 2007
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